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TOPIC: Gaming Boards vs Mats & Cloths vs Hexon vs Others
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Gaming Boards vs Mats & Cloths vs Hexon vs Others
24th Jan 2016 09:44:57

I'm curious to know how many of you use terrain boards of some description, how many use gaming mats or cloths, how many use Hexon or similar and how many use something else?

I veer between boards and cloths myself.

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Gaming Boards vs Mats & Cloths vs Hexon vs Others
24th Jan 2016 11:38:55

I use a lime green faux mink throw, which I bought on Amazon for under £18. It has short strands on one side, ideal for 15mm and below, and longer strands on the other which can be used with 28mm. To break up the monotony I threw it over the washing line and aplied random spurts of acrylic spray paint in sand and dark green. If you visit the new to 6mm thread in the general section there is a photo of it in action in the ACW.

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Gaming Boards vs Mats & Cloths vs Hexon vs Others
24th Jan 2016 12:42:12

I've used the hexon2 for while now as I like being able to put undulations on the board. Works well with the little fellas as they don't fall over like 28mms. It means I can have a field where there is a long gradual slope for troops to slog up. If you want to see this in action come and play our napoleonic game at Hammerhead and Joy of Six. It's a virtual 1:1 game with a ground scale of 1mm to 1', the French are attacking a British line in column up a gradual slope. We're trying to show the affect of slope and what is happening in your ordinary game when you move a base into contact. Ok plug over, but I find Hexon very flexible easy to store and usable with all scales (not cheap, but you get what you pay for). Thinking about it our club put a big Salamanca game with a hex based set of rules, all hills and valleys were modelled and looked great, will try to dig some pictures out.

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Gaming Boards vs Mats & Cloths vs Hexon vs Others
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25th Jan 2016 06:35:26

I use boards, except for when I want to use a 2' square playing area, which would be for 24 point Hordes of the Things with 15mm or 6mm figures.  I never bothered to do myself a 2' board, so I have a piece of felt that I use.

PM chopperboydan
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Gaming Boards vs Mats & Cloths vs Hexon vs Others
26th Jan 2016 02:02:00

I have been using the Hexon stuff for years and it still looks as good as ever it did, very durable and hard wearing and with the lay on top terrain features really flexible when designing battlefields. I'm just finishing off my re vamped Waterloo board 16 ft x 6 ft. My new Star Wars project for the Joy of Six show will be again using the Kallistra Hexon stuff as well as some Hotz mats with the hexes printed on. I will post some pics when the brushwork has been done :)


PM 6mmwargaming
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Gaming Boards vs Mats & Cloths vs Hexon vs Others
30th Jan 2016 03:19:18

I use boards and cloths depending on the game period. My boards I made were great but heavy to carry to games. I've sold them and I am planning some new ones but i will use lighter wood. Cloths I use for quick game or where I am rushed for time.

I think it you are not planning to travel a lot and have the space, then go for boards, textured cloths look almost as good, but don't have the same layout flexibilty. And cloths are the cheapest and generally look the worst. However I have seen nice cloths that have been spray and washed to add some variety.

I'm planning a DBA board and it will be a suitcase style game and very easy to carry around ( a bit like what extracrispy made but using a wooden frame).



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