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PM Smudger1893
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Terrain wish list
27th Jul 2016 08:53:24

Hi all,I'm new to the 6mm scale and have just purchased a French and British naps armies.I also design and make mdf scenery for a company called DarkOps.My question is what scenery would you all like to see?is it important to be able to interact with buildings etc.(be able to place bases inside)modern stuff?is there a need for walls,fields etc?is the market flooded.I shall be doing this for myself anyways but all feedback would be greatly appreciated.Be nice lol

PM steve1
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Terrain wish list
28th Jul 2016 07:55:22

Hi there,

Most gamers have their own preferred sources for scenery and terrain, depends on the basing scale they use I presume. But to answer your question with what would interest me personally;

I would like to see contoured hills that are individually levelled, so you can lay them on top of each other to create higher terrain. Overall dimensions and slope profile can be determined at another time. I like the idea of Woods that you can hide units underneath, you have the tree canopy foliage and the outlying tree trunks only as the actual Wood scenery. The rest of underneath the terrain is empty space to place units "in" the Woods.

For built up areas you would only need bases showing the road system in and out of the town/village etc. It could be a crossroads, t-junction etc, the buildings would be individual models which a gamer could "move" to allow passage of combat units. You could even do the buildings both intact and showing results of combat to give a better effect.

Walls and hedges always look good and have game terrain cover effects in most wargame rule systems. If you have those then why not make the enclosed fields too?. They could be just grass fields, or ploughed, or orchards, whatever looks good. Obviously there would have to be road strips and the same for rivers. Many terrain makers already have the basic road river strips, but they come unfinished. If you are going to create the entire things finished I think that would definitely interest people.


Hope the comments help

PM Smudger1893
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Terrain wish list
28th Jul 2016 12:12:46

hi there thanks for ideas,i dont think i would be selling anything finnished but ill have a go at the mentioned items and post some pics see if you like


PM 6mmwargaming
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Terrain wish list
26th Nov 2016 06:40:19

Making bases for towns and town buildings would be good. eg a mdf base with brick roads and gaps for buildings, twn squares etc would be very handy. Kind of like what Total battle miniatures make.



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