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TOPIC: Verdun Forts
PM pushing.tin
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Verdun Forts
20th Dec 2016 10:52:25

Some Forts I've been working on for a future Verdun Scenario




PM njt236
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Verdun Forts
20th Dec 2016 11:27:49

Just looked at all your forts. Very impressive. Checked out the Timecast fort. A little simplistic compared to yours. Well done

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Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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Verdun Forts
21st Dec 2016 08:44:01

Those really are quite something.

PM rsjahn
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Verdun Forts
21st Dec 2016 10:31:15

Very impressive indeed!

You may know this side already? http://fortiffsere.fr/verdun/index_fichiers/Page4551.htm A lot of informations about the smaller 'ouvrage' too.

PM pushing.tin
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Verdun Forts
21st Dec 2016 11:59:02

Thanks, yes that's where I got most of my information from. It's a very useful site



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