Well, I've gone and done it now. A few years back (or perhaps not that few?) I ordered a Napoleonic British starter army for the Peninsular campaign which has since languished in the bottom of some box. I've thought of selling or giving it away multiple times as other interests were deemed more pressing. However, after reading the French comic "La Bataille" about Aspern-Essling the siren call of Napoleonics has once again made itself heard. As much as I love the Austrian colours I couldn't bring myself to purchasing two new armies while still having an entirely untouched one however (how disciplined of me, right?) so I went back to my original dreams of Salamanca.

Originally I was thinking of Grand Armée, but when Blücher seemed to be of a similar spirit and readily available as a pdf I changed my mind. It looks exactly like the kind of high level, quick play set I was after (my favourite game is Warmaster). A quick visit to the publisher's forum yielded a very nicely laid out OoB, thank you Mr. Mike Bersiks.  However, the "meagre" offerings of the starter set would not suffice for this grand endeavour so... I think I've just increased the leadpile quite significantly rather than decreased it. I'd better get painting before the order arrives.

For basing I'm just going to go with standard 60x60 Baccus bases rather than the 3x3" recommended by the ruleset. While it would have been truly epic, my storage space is limited.

Then there's the matter of the French as the chances of getting a mate onboard for this are slim to none. It's not a matter of how fast I can paint, it's a matter of getting the time to do it. So around the late 2020:s perhaps? . :)