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TOPIC: Simple ECW Question
PM Saurocet
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Simple ECW Question
31st Jul 2015 09:38:02

I have (what I think is) a simple question for the ECW Polemos rules.

When a leader is attached to a brigade, is he attached to the brigade or a specific base when in Close Combat? In other words, does his positive modifier affect the base he is attached to or the whole brigade? 

I've been playing solitaire and interpret the rules that a leader attaches only to a specific base.  In the middle of the last turn I thought I could position the leader to touch two bases at once.  So is that considered unsportsmanlike? 


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Simple ECW Question
1st Aug 2015 08:04:49

Ranged combat refers to an officer attached to a FORCE. The rules define a force as a single base or a brigade. However in Close combat the modifier is an officer ATTACHED TO A BASE. I think straddling two bases with an officer is against the spirit of that rule.



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