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TOPIC: CMWD Questions
PM Dave Erickson
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CMWD Questions
Dave Erickson
14th Feb 2016 05:55:21

I hope this is the place for rules questions, because I have a couple about Chosen Men, Well Disdposed. Here goes...

1) Page 15. "In order to Rally, a base must remain stationary and not be involved in combat or a redeploy move." I take this to mean that the rallied unit cannot fire or move. But what if it is fired at? In other words, does the unit have to be outside musket range or can it rally under fire?

2) Terrain chart, page 19. Stream/ditch: "Any troops attacking across obstacle count shaken." Since infantry doesn't actually attack (i.e., advance into hand-to-hand combat), what does "attacking across" mean?

3) A string of units moving from defile into line: All bases start the turn in defile. They move 4BW and at the end of this move are considered in line, if the owner so desires, at no TP cost other than the cost to move?

4) Can a LTG issue only 1 Rally order per game turn? Or can he rally units as his TPs allow? For example, if he has a single cohesive brigade (all bases touching), can he rally 2 of the units in that brigade for 4 TP?

5) Likewise, can he continue the move of one brigade for 1 TP and rally a unit of another brigade for 2 TP? (The rule on page 15 speaks of "initiating" moves and not necessarily giving orders. This rules section also references "brigadiers" but I'm not exactly sure what this means since there aren't any brigadiers in the game.)


PM Dave Erickson
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CMWD Questions
Dave Erickson
23rd Feb 2016 02:25:37

Okay, so if this is not the place to ask questions about Polemos games, does anyone know where one should go?

PM ed77tommy
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CMWD Questions
23rd Feb 2016 04:37:04

Hey Dave, I am a newbie at this, but I have played this game with a buddy of mine. So this is my interpretation of the rules for CMWD that you are asking. If I am wrong, I hope somebody corrects me :)

1) The base should be out of musket range to rally. I say this because, in reality, it is a heck of a lot easier to rally men whom are NOT being fired at when they are already shaken.

2) I interprete this to mean that the base is "under fire" when moving across the stream/ditch towards the enemy within musket range. Otherwise, if no enemy base near the crossing, they should move at half speed of the normal infantry/cavalry movement.

3) This means that from defile to line, costs no more than the normal cost of movement.

4) I think what they are talking about is for a single base only, as long as, the LTG is touching it at a cost of 2 TPs.

5) In order to rally, the LTG has to be touching the base to rally. Meaning he is temperally "attached" to that base. I would assume that his attention is focused on that shaken unit, so he would not be able to issue other orders. As far as "initiating" moves, the order was already given and just being carried out. The "brigadiers" situation is thus: on pg. 5 in CMWD for troop scale for each base, infantry: 300 - 500 men (a battalion), cavalry: 200 - 300 troopers (2 -3 squadrons. So this game is played at a smaller level, meaning a Division to Corps. level. So I would "create" a brigadier for this. As a suggestion, if you made a single "Courier" to keep count of TPs, use them. The assumed "Brigadier" attached but doesn't physically exist in the game id in the "Obstinate and Bloody Battle" rules section; which uses a much larger scale. A base of infantry represents a brigade, a cavalry base represents the entire 2 - 3 squadrons. This gaming is for Corps to Army Levels.

Of course, it has been said before in this forum, the use of "House Rules". Meaning use your interpretation of the rules, as long as, they are stated before the game and all agree to it. Hope these help answer your questions! Best of luck to you :)

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CMWD Questions
23rd Feb 2016 09:35:03


Hi Dave, try sticking these on Polemos yahoo group page Chris Grice usually replies on there. In the mean time I'll check my rules and give my 2ps worth.

I do agree with answers 1-3 above, remember you deploy from defile only to the right causes all kinds of mayhem till you get used to it. Will have a think about 4 and 5. Regards Tim




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PM Dave Erickson
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CMWD Questions
Dave Erickson
24th Feb 2016 02:18:56

Thanks for the input, fellas. I'd never heard of Yahoo groups before, so thanks for that tip. Looks a little dead over there, though....even though I'm not a member and have no intention of joining. Oh, well...



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