Hello, I would like to ask the following concerning tha attack procedure:

1) Infantry vs Infantry

   A) If the defender decides to fire, we make the procedure on page 19 and after the defender's fire we just see who has the most shaken levels? (i mean that there is  not a ''melee'' procedure like KDA, isn't it?)

   B) If neither side is shaken, in page 20 states that they remain 1BW apart and continue the combat in the next round. How do we do this? (we check morale again and the defender fires?, we need new tempo points?)

   C) In the second round of the same combat, can a defender counterattack if in the first round had fired and vice versa?.

   D) If the defender choses to countercharge (we check morale, they meet half way) what is the procedure we must follow instead of firing?

   E) If the attacker fails to charge, does he go back to his pre-charge position?

2) Cavalry vs Cavalry

   A) What is the procedure followed if the defending cavalry stands or countercharges, after the initial attacker's check?.(obviously without taking shaken levels)

3) Attacker vs Artillery

   A) What is the procedure followed if an lone artillery base is attacked?

   B) In page 18 states that it can continue to provide support, so if an enemy's base attacks an artillery base and adjacent to it there is a friendly unit, the battle is fought between the enemy and the friendly unit and the artillery just supports?