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TOPIC: Polemos for the American Wars
PM Whirlwind
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Polemos for the American Wars
2nd Nov 2016 10:32:39

Is there any news on the progress of Glenn Pearce's forthcoming set of rules for the C18 American wars and the War of 1812?

And is there any chance of a little bit of information on suggested basing and how many men or guns a base represents and so on?

All the best



PM peter
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Polemos for the American Wars
2nd Nov 2016 01:58:31

Hi John,

The bull of the basic layout work is done and should actually be completed in the next couple of weeks.  After that is photography and sprucing things up.

In terms of representation I can only quote from the rules themselves:

'There is no actual ground scale used in Polemos RdG. Depending on the army being modelled your base can represent any number of men or guns. They can be used as sections, platoons, troops, grand divisions, half battalions (wings), battalions, regiments, legions or small brigades. When deciding what you want to represent remember that cavalry occupy double the ground then infantry. Artillery can be as low as 1 to 1. Simply find a ratio that works for most of your units in your order of battle. Try to also find a balance that works with all three arms. For most battles using a simple one base equals a battalion, cavalry regiment or artillery battery works just fine. In some situations you might want to represent a smaller unit on a base that is below your ratio number because they were unique. Representing a few minor units that might have an impact on tactics is okay.


Some basic base ratios that work well together are:


         Infantry      Cavalry      Artillery

           25-50           12-25               1

            100                50                 2

            200               100                3

            250               125                4

            500               250              6-8  

            750               375             8-10


Although your base might represent different sizes of units in different games they also include a lot of empty space. '






- The Overlord
PM Glenn Pearce
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Polemos for the American Wars
Glenn Pearce
3rd Nov 2016 01:19:46

Hello John!

The basing itself is standard Polemos (60mm x 30mm), 24 infantry, 9 cavalry. I think new for Polemos is light infantry and skirmishers (8 figures) on the same (different) standard base. As usual all basing is recommended not mandatory.

Best regards,




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