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TOPIC: Ruse de Guerre released!
PM peter
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Ruse de Guerre released!
14th Mar 2017 11:07:12

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to get a brand new addition to our Polemos series of Wargames rules, which is why I am doubly pleased to be able to announce the release of the latest addition to our range – Polemos Ruse de Guerre – Warfare in the Americas.

Written by Glenn Pearce, Polemos RDG covers three separate wars in the New World; The French and Indian War 1754-1763, the American War of  Independence 1775-1783, and the War of 1812.  Ruse de Guerre is defined as, ‘a deliberate attempt to fool the enemy in wartime’. Although this has been in the hearts and minds of military men since the beginning of warfare, it became a major strategy in North America. At the battle of Quebec Wolfe used it to draw Moncalm’s attention in one direction while his main force approached from another.

The rules are designed to create a game that reflects the new strategies, tactics and army compositions that evolved during this period, in a Polemos format. They are not intended to labour players with low level tactics that would be the domain of junior commanders. Players are encouraged to adopt the roles of the senior commanders. Your abilities to plan in depth and execute your own Ruse de Guerre, will be rewarded.

The rules themselves are available as black and white hard copy for £15.00 or in our popular Rules onna Stick format for £8.33 plus VAT.  The latter format includes a full colour version of the rules enhanced for use on a tablet or smartphone along with a printer friendly mono version.    You can also download both sets from Wargames Vault.

We’ve made several changes and additions to our figure ranges to accommodate RDG.     Recent additions to the British and French SYW ranges have included items such as French militia and British Rangers.   We’ve put all of this together and you can now get army packs for both sides.  




You can get more details of these in the relevant SYW section here.

The AWI army packs have been completely overhauled to reflect the composition and organisation  required by RDG.    As with the FIW army packs, you will be able to use them play any of the relevant scenarios in the booklet. 

You can find more details here.

For the very first time, we’ve added a couple of army packs for both sides in the War of 1812.   Glenn has very kindly provided a long list of proxy codes from existing Baccus ranges that can be easily used for both sides with a little ‘conversion by paintbrush’.    

You can find details of the army packs and the proxy codes here.

We’ve been working long and hard on these rules and army packs and I think you’ll find that complement each other very nicely forming a perfect introduction to new periods.

- The Overlord
PM Harlequin
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Ruse de Guerre released!
15th Mar 2017 01:47:17

Excellent that the rules are now out!

I did spot a typing error though, when looking at a preview on "Wargame Vault" under "Base Formations". It says, "The changes of formation are handled at a tactical level lower THEN the design of the game". As we all know, it should be "lower THAN the design of the game", the word "then" having a completely different meaning.. Hope the nitpicking helps. :)

Thanks to Glenn for all the hard work, and to making a valuable addition to the "Polemos" range. On we go 6mm guys!

PM Stenbock
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Ruse de Guerre released!
15th Mar 2017 12:35:30

Brilliant news!, just downloaded them from Wargames Vault.

Stenbock / Per Broden

Check out my blog with some 6mm diversions - Roll a One




PM Glenn Pearce
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Ruse de Guerre released!
Glenn Pearce
15th Mar 2017 12:59:58

Hello Harlequin!

Yes indeed your nitpicking is actually a personal thank you for me. I have spent my entire life using "then" in place of "than". It's some kind of mental trigger that confirms that yes indeed I wrote that and not my alleged crack team of ghost writers. Hopefully you will still obtain and enjoy the rules dispite this human flaw.

Best regards,


PM Harlequin
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Ruse de Guerre released!
15th Mar 2017 02:12:07

THanks Glenn.

I know what you mean about the mental trigger. I have to work really hard not to spell "disastrous" as "disasterous". My brain is always trying to put that "e" in there!

Once again, thanks for all your efforts .

Best wishes,








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