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TOPIC: Tweaking RDG for Napoleonic?
PM jozistinman
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Tweaking RDG for Napoleonic?
10th May 2017 02:09:07

Weird question.... I am using RDG for some of my AWI games and am on the process of rebasing my Napoleonics to the Polemos standard.  I am reading through GDD and in my brain am starting to cross the streams on how tempo is allocated, etc.

To make it easy on myself, and becaue I am a cranky wargamer that cannot leave well enough alone, I am thinking about modifying RDG for Napoleonics. Pros are I donlt get confused between the tempo systems and it should work for the size battles I am looking at, (Division-ish)  Cons are GDD is specifically written for Napoleonics and an enormouse amount fo expertise and thought has been put into it.


Any opinions?

PM Glenn Pearce
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Tweaking RDG for Napoleonic?
Glenn Pearce
10th May 2017 07:54:12

Hello Jozis!

RdG includes the War of 1812, which is a Napoleonic war fought in North America. We use RdG as our "club rules" for all horse and musket periods, that so far also include the Seven Years War and the American Civil War. During developement of RdG we play tested it against a couple of out of period rule sets and all of the play testers felt that RdG gave them a better game.

Our club is a fair size about 30 members and the last thing they want to see is a different set of rules every time they show up for a game. So we needed a multi period rule set that would allow us to tailor every different scenario without producing a lot of extra rules or rule sets. RdG already covers three basic periods/theaters so simply adding detail to them made a lot of sense. Sort of exactly what your trying to do now.

So all we do is write any period, theater or battle specific rules into the scenario which normally is only one or two lines. We also do the same for unique games fully covered in RdG. The design of RdG was intended to be flexable as it covers three different wars. So you can use it for European Napoleonics as well and simply add in any critical features that you think are missing.

However, as you have now discovered if your only looking for good tactical detail in Napoleonic gaming than GdD is your best choice.

Hope this helps you out.

Best regards,


PM jozistinman
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Tweaking RDG for Napoleonic?
11th May 2017 03:39:25

Thank you sir!  I just wanted to make sure I was not mad... I am going to start with RDG for Nappoleonics with a few tweaks and see how it goes.   Thinking it will not need much, just differentiating weghts of cavalry maybe

More rebasing this weekend...  Will let you guys know how it goes. 



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