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TOPIC: Couple of RdG Rules Queries
PM brothercrow
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Couple of RdG Rules Queries
17th May 2017 09:57:57

Sorry, I'm posting a few new topics at the moment...!Just trying to bottom everything out before i take this to the group...

Movement and Charging

On page 14, Tempo Points, it says it is 3 points to attack with a Force or with a Single Base. As far as force goes, is that the entire force or can you choose to make part of a force (i.e. a formation)?

The implication being that if the force consists of 6 units, and you only want to move five of them in a group, it would cost you 15 tempo points if the wording is meant to be "entire" force ('cos you would have to move the five units individually as it isn't an "entire" force)!

I'm also concious of the advancing foot artillery rule on page 19, which leads me to believe you intend "part"....


Page 20, pay to reduce or remove shaken levels.....is this an error, as it appears that there is only one shaken level (broken can't rally), so surely reduce and remove are the same thing...unless of course you are referring to multiple units...?

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PM Glenn Pearce
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Couple of RdG Rules Queries
Glenn Pearce
17th May 2017 03:04:40

Hello Graeme!

Thats pretty funny about how you picked the basing.

The attack order (3TP) allows your entire force to attack. You can't seperate a force or base without going through a redeploy order (2TP) first. It's rare that a force commander will be able to have 5TP in a single turn and if so it's generally a good idea to save some for rally. This forces you to plan your attacks in advance.

So if you only want to use five of your six base force in the attack it will cost you 2TP to seperate the sixth base on the turn prior. Your following attack turn will cost you 3TP to make your attack with your remaining five bases. To move your remaining base (the 6th one) will cost you 1TP if your the Non-Tempo player.

Also note that a force commander can't receive more then 3TP from his superior (unless he holds a dual role as a senior commander). So he could never have 15 TPs.

Although you can just plow ahead with your attacks you will gradually see that the player that preplans his attacks often works out an advantage.

Yes the foot artillery rule on page 19 is the only exception to the rule. In that you must seperate your foot artillery from any force that is attacking that turn. You are also allowed to adjust (redeploy for free) your remaining bases to represent a similar formation without the artillery. This often is no more then a shuffle of a base or two.

Yes page 20 could have been worded a little better. There was at one time the possibilty that units could have more then one level of shaken. That was dropped just prior to the release of the final version. It appears my speed reading during and after the edits missed this. So yes it should only be to remove their shaken status. However, the remaining wording was intended to cover multiple units (the entire force).

If anything is still not clear, just let me know.

Best regards,


PM brothercrow
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Couple of RdG Rules Queries
17th May 2017 03:36:59

Ah I see - so it is all or one.....lol, yes i understand the restrictions on tempo allocation, it was just an extreme example of how much I thought it would cost to achieve what I wanted....like a muppet, I didn't think about seperating with a redeployment order...that all makes perfect sense now...!

It's a nice mechanism, because as you say, you really need to look at how your attack goes in.

Shaken - yup, understand!




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