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PM brothercrow
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Polemos RdG: 2nd Game (A Few Questions)
2nd Jun 2017 12:05:02

We had another very successful run-out for Polemos: RdG last night, with a couple of new players who missed last weeks game. Everyone enjoyed it very much indeed, all agreeing that there was sufficient depth to the game to make it competitive, but retaining an elegance and simplicity to make it fast moving.

We got the game to conclusion in under three hours, which was great, and as we are now getting into the nitty gritty of the rules we have a few more inevitable questions. Now I made rulings on all of the points that came up, but really, I just want to make sure that I am correct in my interpretations.

Shooting from Corner of Field:

The first situation is clear and straight forward - direction of fire is straight ahead, so easy to work out.

However, what happens if you want to shoot from the corner of a field into the deadzone, is the following legal, even though you are not in contact with the wall? (We ruled yes).


How do you benefit from cover, is it if the majority of the base is in cover, or is it if part of the base is in cover (We ruled majority).

As a follow on question, if part of the base in cover shoots through the tree line, is their a penalty (soft cover in this case). In the example above, the majority of the centre and right Continental bases are firing through a cm or so of trees...we ruled that this is firing through cover. Is this correct?


In the above example, the militia are a force of 5 bases, the middle one has fallen back a base width. When issuing a rally order to the force, does it still count as 1 even though it has broken up, i.e., is it still 1TP to rally both bases.

We assumed that either 1TP for movement (non-phasing player) or 2TP for a redeploy would be needed to bring them back together....therefore we ruled 1TP to rally both bases. Again, is this correct?


If you have the move, can you wheel a force in a charge to contact more bases? We ruled YES.

Stealing Tempo

When stealing a move it costs 5TP. Do you have to pay for the move/charge/redeploy as well, or is this included in the 5TP. We ruled not, so it only costs 5TP.

Close Combat

Is close combat simultaneous...we ask because it mentions the order is chosen by the tempo player. If not simultaneous, can you then use a base as a support if it has already destroyed its opponent.....or is this wrong, and the combat should be simultaneous, therefore there is no support bonus.

Wounded Commander

If a wounded commander has to miss a turn, at what point is he available again.....i.e. if wounded in Close Combat, he misses the rally phase, shooting, tempo and combat phases....does he come back prior to the next rally phase (thus only missing one rally phase and not two)....or does he miss the rest of the current turn, and all of the one after...? We ruled the former.

Close Combat

In the above example, there was a base in the continental ranks (now destroyed) that was contacted frontally and on the flank. Is it up to the attacker to decide which of his two contacting bases is the primary, and which is the support - we ruled yes, therefore fighting from the flank.

As a follow on, when the base is destroyed, does it flee to it's rear, does it flee away from the primary attacker, or does it split the angle...? We ruled away from the primary attacker (so disordering the bases it fled through).


In the example above, the force has used a redeployment order to protect a flank. Does this now count as two forces or as one force for (a) allocating TP to move, and (b) for cohesion purposes, i.e. is it still a force of 4, or a two forces of 1 and 3.

Sorry if these sound picky, just trying to get things right - we are thoroughly enjoying the games, and I'm happy to rule on the fly, but obviously, we would prefer to be correct in our interpretations.

Durham Wargames Group

PM Glenn Pearce
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Polemos RdG: 2nd Game (A Few Questions)
Glenn Pearce
2nd Jun 2017 09:36:09

Hello Graeme!

"sufficient depth to make it competitive, but retaining an elegance and simplicity to make it fast moving"

Thanks for that as they were all objectives. It's very rewarding to hear that from your group. Please convey my thanks to them for taking the time to express themselves.

Shooting from corner of a walled field: Some terrain features and retangle bases just don't fit together very well. Simply obtain what the defender wants to do which in this case is occupy the corner and accept that the base is doing that. So for firing/combat purposes use the point closest to the enemy (the corner) as reference for both sides. So yes your base placement on the angle is correct.

Cover: Yes it's the majority of the base that confirms the benefit or not. If it's an awkward situation then the onus is on the player to state his intention, and that the base won't fit properly. Similar to your wall corner.

Soft cover: There is no penalty for firing out of soft cover, only into it. It seems that the Continentals are intending to occupy a tree line and the Highlanders a stream bank. Since these are both soft cover targets both shots will get a -1 for firing at targets in sof cover.

Forces: The original force is always a single force under one commander. If bases become separated for any reason all commands still come from the one commander. His influence is 6BWs, so as long as they remain within that zone he can inspire all of them to rally with 1TP (pg. 21). For all other purposes such as movement, attack, redeploy they are considered as separare forces. If within 2BWs redeploy is an exception. So yes, your example base can rejoin the main body as a single movement for 1TP or as part of a redeploy for 2TP from the main body if they are within 2BWs (pg. 16).

Charges: Yes the attack order effects the entire force, not just a single base. Yes the entire force can wheel once at any point during the movement a maximum of 1BW (pg. 15). The remainder of the move must be straight.

Stealing Tempo: You can only choose one, to move, attack or redeploy and that ends their turn. The cost is 5TP plus any distance penalties if any commander or force/base is out of the chain of command 6BWs. Once you have made your choice no other voluntary movement for the turn is allowed.

Close Combat: Yes it is simutaneous (pg. 10). The Tempo player earns the right to see which combat is resolved first, but it should not make any difference to the calculations or the results. Occasionally two units are forced into the same space from different directions, if so they simply stop at the point they contact each other and take the consequences. Bases in combat can't be used as support (pg. 19).

Wounded Commander: It's a turn for him which starts when he is wounded (at the end of close combat) and ends at the same point in the following turn. So on the second turn he can't rally anybody unless he has his own TP to use.

Close Combat (2): Appears to be in violation of the Multiple force rule (pg. 19). Two separate forces can't attack the same enemy base in the same turn. They simply couldn't co-ordinate anything that finite. So you either hold back the weaker attack or find another target. Logically the flank attack is the best choice and then the defender must turn at least that base to face his attacker (pg. 18). If the defender loses his path of retreat is now down through his fellow units which shakes them. All retreats are directly back from where they are at the end of the the combat. The attackers facing is not considered. This keeps all retreats simple and easy to follow.

Forces (2): For cohesion purposes a force always remains a force unless the C&C shuffles the artillery around (pg. 6). So your 3 and 1 remain as a force of 4. However, for movement or attack they require separate orders for as long as they remain separated.  

Picky, not at all. At first glance the rules appear very simple, but as you have discovered there are some finer points that are not so obvious until you play a game or two. I'm always here to help sort them out. Thanks for doing such a great job in figuring out the answers and presenting the questions to me. They were all very clear and precise, so if any of my answers are vague it certainly wasn't your fault. Just let me know and I'll try my best to sort it out.

Again, thanks for sending me your groups feedback and comments. Looking forward to hearing more.

Best regards,



PM brothercrow
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Polemos RdG: 2nd Game (A Few Questions)
2nd Jun 2017 10:01:47

Hi Glenn, thank you for (once again) taking the time to respond, I can't tell you how much it means to me and my group (you have no idea how difficult it is to get answers from some authors). All of your answers make perfect sense, with the following observations:

Wounded Commander - interesting, but brings an interesting additional point we hadn't thought of......I like it!

Close Combat (2) - interesting, I hadn't spotted that.....I suppose there is scope for a cheesy move to add the support to the flanking base by contacting it, but we are all sensible players........except in tournaments of course.....lol

Speaking of which, I am typing this from a hotel room the night before the British Historical Gaming Society Challenge competition.....I am playing Field of Glory, with a Late Ottoman army.....

Anyhoo, enough of that....thanks again for taking the time to respond. I really do love what you've done with what I thought was a clunky set of rules with great concepts, honestly, it is what I have been looking for. At some point I will be asking what additional factors you use for 7 Years War, as that is next on my painting table....!

Best wishes,





PM Glenn Pearce
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Polemos RdG: 2nd Game (A Few Questions)
Glenn Pearce
3rd Jun 2017 02:47:19

Hello Graeme!

Your welcome. Responding to customers asap has always been high priority for Baccus. I'm certainly happy to be able to follow that. Thanks for letting me know you appreciate it.

Wounded Commander - Orginally the rule covered the remaining part of the first turn and all of the following turn. That was proven to be a little too much. The loss of not being able to receive or give orders alone will often turn a force into a sitting duck, and thats all the rule is intended to do.

I tried to eliminate as many cheesy moves as possible, but you know wargamers. There is always someone who tries to find a way to squeeze something in.

Hope you have good luck with your Ottomans!

Again, thanks for your kind words. I've felt for a long time that some people were looking for a certain style of rules that just weren't out there. So hopefully I've managed to hit a lot of peoples buttons.  

As long as you stick with the standard 60x30 basing the transition to the 7YW is seemless. I'll gladly give you my thoughts when your ready.

Best regards,




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