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Ancients - Moors

Price per set £15.00

Polemos S.P.Q.R. Rules

    Wargames rules designed to bring out the best in your 6mm armies! Quick to play, easy to use but with a command system designed to make you think. For more details, >>>click here>>>

    If you are looking for a set of rules that puts history ahead of killer armies and is based on a critical view of the primary sources, then Polemos SPQR could be just what you are looking for.

    Polemos SPQR covers the period of dominance of the professional Roman Legionary and includes army generators for eleven nationalities.




Price per pack (EU) £10.00
Price per pack (elsewhere) £8.33

Polemos SPQR Rules On A Stick

Just the thing for those of you who want to use your rules with an iPad or Tablet or even your mobile phone.

Each stick contains a full colour version of the Polemos SPQR rules (Click Here for a preview) which is only available in this format. For those of you who still want to print a had copy then we also include a printer friendly black and white version as well.

This format also includes and extra set of specific army lists for battles from the period.

Great for those of you who like your rules sets portable.

C'mon, get your rules onna stick! They're luvverly!



Price per pack (EU) 6.00
Price per pack (elsewhere) 5.00


Moorish Infantry

  • 4 figures per strip
  • 4 Command strips per pack
  • 20 line strips per pack

Total - 96 Figures


Price per pack (EU) 7.00
Price per pack (elsewhere) 5.83


Moorish Cavalry

  • 3 figures per strip
  • 15 strips per pack

Total - 45 Figures


Ancients - Moorish- Army Packs

Army packs are provided for:

Bases are not included.

Price per pack (EU) 9.90
Price per pack (elsewhere) 8.25

Polemos Ancient Numidian Army

  • 10 units of skirmishers
  • 10 units of Light Horse
  • 1 General
  • Quantity:

Price per pack (EU) 25.80
Price per pack (elsewhere) 21.50

DBX 15mm Moorish Army

  • 20 x Javelinmen strips
  • 20 x Cavalry strips
  • 15 x Moorish Infantry strips
  • 20 x Regular Infantry strips
  • 4 x Elephant models
  • 4 x Celtic strips

    (All quantites in strips/models)


Ancients - SPQR - Boxed Set

Price per set (EU) £95.00
Price per set (elsewhere) £79.17

All you need to get started in this period!

  • 1 x Polemos SPQR Ruleset.
  • 1 x Polemos Early Imperial Roman Army
  • 1 x Polemos Ancient British Army
  • 2 Sets of pre-cut bases.
  • 2 x Painting guides
  • 1 x Celtic village pack


Pre-Cut Bases

Cut from 2mm thick MDF these take the pain out of getting your army based and ready to play!

Price per pack (EU) £5.85
Price per pack (elsewhere) £4.58

40mm x 20mm bases

  • 50 bases per pack
  • Perfect for your WMA armies


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