New WSS coming soon!

5th Nov 2015

Given the downbeat nature of the last couple of News posts here, it's time for something a little more positive.   At long last, I am able to announce with a degree of confidence that our brand new,shiny and totally refurbished WSS range will shortly be available.

We will be doing the official launch of the range at Warfare on 14th/15th November, and those attending that show will be the first to get their hands on the new stuff.  

This does mean that the 'Classic' WSS codes have just one week of life in them before being consigned to the annals of history.  If you need some bits and pieces to finish off your existing armies then you need to get on to us asap, as once the new castings come on stream, the old moulds will be destroyed.

On a personal note, both Lindy and myself would like to thank all of you who sent us their good wishes.   They really were appreciated.   I'd also like to thank our mail order customers for their understanding following the inevitable delays in service that this all caused.  The good news is that Lindy has made a steady recovery, the only issue being trying to get her to rest enough!   The Igor has been casting frantically and this week should see us pretty well caught up on mail orders.

One final piece of good news.  The WW2 German and American figures survived their time in the master mould and you should see some releases in the coming weeks.