Salute, A poorly big toe, new WW2 releases and the best laid plans…

8th Apr 2016

…will always fall foul of Fate.   For some reason, best known to itself, my big toe decided to contract a nasty infection last Monday.   By Thursday the pain had kept me off work for two day and it had developed a wonderful range of hues and was very badly swollen.  All of this of course, just one week before the biggest show of the wargames year.

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The toe has now been given the loving attentions of the local A&E doctor who gave me some gas and air while addressing the issue with the aid of various sharp instruments.     The upshot  is that I am still off work, but will be starting to catch up from tomorrow.    I am afraid that once again this will have a knock-on effect on order turnround times, but we’ll be working flat out to catch up.

The other major effect is that we’ll not be able to get out the full range of planned releases for Salute.   The plan was to have support weapons; light and medium mortars, light and medium machine guns and anti-tank weapon for the British, Americans and Germans.    We’ll still have lots of these available at the show, but not the full complement, as there is not time to get all the moulds made and stock cast before the Big Day.

I’ll try and confirm exactly what we’ll have next week, but the British will definitely have one of these:

 the Germans one of these,

and I can't tell you what the Americans will have as for some reason they are coming a bit late to the party*..



*actually it's because I have yet to take any piccies of the American codes.