The Joy of Six - not just for the wargamers amongst us...

9th Jul 2015

It's all very well doing these toy soldier shows, but look at it from the point of view of the wife/girlfriend/partner/small child dragged along to these events.   Let's face it there's only so many times you can look at a table full of tiny little men and houses before the appeal begins to fade.   On top of that you are getting hot, tired, thirsty and bored.   Normally there is no respite and no hope of something vaguely resembling 'normality'.   Well, in keeping with our ethos, this year, the Joy of Six will be offering something different.

To all non-gamers coming along to the show, we will be having a room set aside just for you!   The organisers have arranged for Childs Play to take over one of our rooms and lay on a range of things to do and make.  The activities on offer will cover all age groups and ranges and will provide a welcome change from the relentless hordes of wargamers crowding the main hall.   Think of it as a little island of sanity with a man-creche provided so you can relax in peace.

We'll be adding some more information about the show over the next few days, but you can keep up to date by visiting our Facebook page.