What happens when the Bugs bite back

10th Oct 2015

Many of you who attend UK wargames shows will have met my partner, Lindy. Last Sunday night, she was rushed into hospital suffering from what turned out to be a nasty attack from these little chappies:

Most of you will, no doubt, have recognised this as a Meningitis virus which does tend to rather mess you around when it takes hold.

The good news is that after days of tests, scans, x-rays, blood screenings, swabs and goodness knows what else, Lindy has been allowed home albeit on the sort of painkillers that would stop a charging horde of mongols dead in their tracks and have them all commenting on the beauties of cloud formations or the encapsulation of the wonders of Nature held in a single daisy...

As a result I will be taking next week off to be with Lindy and help her get back on her feet.   This will inevitably mean that I won't be able to reply to emails as promptly as I wish and will cause yet another crimp in the mail order service.   I do apologise for this, but I am sure that you will understand and that the Igor and myself will be working hard to rectify things once this period is over.