New WSS Generals now out

12th Feb 2016

The continuing saga of the renovation of our 18th ranges continues with the release of the resculpted generals.   I know it's only one code, but these are such beautiful sculpts that I thought they warranted the attention.

I've painted up some Allied generals facing off the Franco-Bavarian high command, but one of the beauties of this period is that simple colour choice means that these chaps can change allegiance and nationality at the drop of a paint brush.

All that is left to do, (and in Baccus-speak that term can cover a multitude of things), is to finish off the WSS part of this process is to get some pikemen and French dragoons into the mix.

By the way, none of this will affect the release schedule of the WW2 ranges which, judging by some of the emails I have been getting, is simply THE most important thing ever to have been done by Baccus.   We have the next wave of releases coming on nicely and the next announcement in this section will have some good news on that front.