New Great War releases

15th Jul 2015

Just in time for the Joy of Six, I am really pleased to be able to let you know that the later war Germans are now available.  These initial releases include Infantry,


Machine guns

and of course, artillery.


All of these are available to order now and we'll have stocks on hand at the Joy of Six show, this Sunday.

Also, with this batch I am relieved to say that at long, long last, the British finally get their first heavy artillery pieces in the shape of the 60pdr.   These are available with either early war or late war crew

These are really impressive models and certainly give the idea of artillery with a range measured in miles, not yards!

We have a load more Great War models coming along in the next batch of moulds to be made, so get ready for more artillery, mortars, and of course, the later war French!

Still looking ahead, we shall soon have some previews of the resculpted WSS codes to show you, so keep your eyes on this News section over the next few weeks.