Not so quiet on the Western Front

30th Sep 2015

After a period of calm and tranquility it's time to stir things up with a shedload of new releases for the Baccus Great War range!

There are lots of goodies to go through, and we'll start with the French.

These are now a load of new codes giving you French infantry, cavalry and artillery in the post 1914 uniform and equipment enabling you to collect armies for the later years of the war.  

We've added three new mortar codes,

And you can now get Division packs and Corps HQ packs of which more anon.

The Germans are not to be left out and they in their turn get two new mortar codes and their own later war Division and Corps HQ packs.

Not to be ignored, the British get another heavy artillery piece on the form of the 6" howitzer and their own mortar codes.

And of course we are very happy to announce the releases of the iconic Rolls Royce armoured car whose picture heads this section.

All of these releases have enabled us to produce new Division packs for each of the nationalities.   In addition we have also produced Corps HQ packs which include the assets held at the higher level of command.   All of these packs are discounted to save you money, but the megalomaniacs  can get an even better deal with our new Corps packs.  

A Corps packs consists of two Division and one Corps HQ pack - going for this deal gets you a further saving and gives you a convenient building block for the massive armies of the period.

And to round all of this off, there are new boxed starter sets giving you a great deal for getting into the period, again offering a great saving!

You can find out all the details here.

We haven't finished with the Great War by any means, so don't worry as the next round of releases are already in process.

For those of you whose tastes are more eighteenth and twentieth century work continues apace on the WSS resculpt and here is yet another preview for you to enjoy.  This time it is of some period hussars - a troop type not currently covered.

We wil have all of the new Great War releases with us at Castle Donington this coming weekend along with our brilliant little 'Old Puttees' game.  Please do call round for a chat, a look at the new stuff, a bit of retail therapy and to play a game.