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PM McCabeTheMerciless
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Fantasy Minis
18th Jan 2015 02:30:57

Hey :) just getting into 6mm wargaming now, it seems like the only option if you want to play games about massed armies (warhammer and warhammer 40,000 have turned a bit silly in recent years) 

but I'm a fantasy nerd rather than a historical one. Are there any plans to expand the fantasy range? I've looked at other companies and haven't been anywhere near as impressed by the work, so I would like to, as far as is possible, recruit my glorious armies from baccus

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PM Gizmo1101
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Fantasy Minis
19th Jan 2015 08:58:23

Hey buddy :)

I myself have been very interested in the 6mm fantasy range as I am planning to write my own rules for a 6mm fantasy game based on DBA mechanics. The range at the moment is a tad limited but Im sure that Peter will have some more fantasy treats instore for us :) What rule set/game do you plan on playing? The idea of playing fantasy at 6mm will give the battles a good epic feeling that can never be achieved with 28mm etc. without spending a fortune. However some of Baccus' historical ranges can also be of great help, the war of the roses/late medieval range make for excellent human/knight forces and adding in a few of the ECW range could give them a more Warhammer Empire feel. I'm creating a faction similar to Tomb Kings but based on ancient Greece so the classical Greek range will be perfect with a simple paint job doing the skin as bone. The Crusader Knights could be used as fine Bretonnian alternatives too.

sorry for the long winded paragraph haha but I hope its helped somewhat :)

All the best,



PM Dr Mike
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Fantasy Minis
Dr Mike
19th Jan 2015 09:45:19

Fantasy is one of my passions, and I would love to see a expansive Baccus range. Unfortunately I think given the existing plans for range facelifts and expansions there is probably not room to revisit fantasy in the next year or so. I think in part it also depends on whether you were after a more 'High Fantasy' warhammer in 6mm, or a more historical based army with fantasy slant.

Microworld games do a well sculpted and comprehensive range of fantasy but in comparrison to Baccus they are notably smaller, so the mix an match with existing Baccus fantasy and Baccus historical elements of the range may not be all that convincing. They are on the more expensive side which is then compounded by postage and import duties.

Rapier is also another 6mm company which do some classical era fantasy figures.

I personally would love a updated Baccus Fantasy range, so that I can also utilise the existing historical ranges.

PM Fenton
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Fantasy Minis
19th Jan 2015 01:39:37

I have looked at the Microworld stuff myself. Looks great but sadly only available from the USA with all the problems of import duties etc


On another note a new name for a new forum Dr Mike?

PM Dr Mike
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Fantasy Minis
Dr Mike
19th Jan 2015 05:35:05

:-), Cranium27 has lost the anonimity it once had and as I have 'marketed' the SMS clinics as Dr Mike I thought I would use it for the forums also.

I have some of the Microworld games models - cast in a harder (and hence more brittle) alloy. The ones I have painted thus far have been a pleasure to paint, but I prefer the slightly larger Baccus style figures. Cost wise works out at £7.26 for 60 infantry figures, so ~ £11.60 for the equivalent Baccus pack size of 96. Then I work on a postage and customs rate which can sting you for another 50%....when they are approaching 3 times the cost of Baccus counterparts they start to lose their appeal :-(

PM McCabeTheMerciless
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Fantasy Minis
26th Jan 2015 06:34:46

Sorry for the delayed response, really busy week :( But my goblins arrived on saturday and today I picked them up so woohoo! standby for pics!


I have been using Kings of War rules but a lot of people have said Hordes of the Things might be the way to go. I've been slaving away over a semi narrative map based campaign (I'll post the campaign map up here if anyone wants to use it for their own campaign) in one of our old D&D settings, so fantasy monsters dragons, trolls, etc. would be awesome! 

But some alternative history stuff, say napoleonic soldiers but the french are Elves, the British are Dorfs etc.  maybe reinforce the cannon and rifles with some magic and weird science gubbins lol that would kick arse.

The scale difference puts me off other miniature companies to be honest, and having had a good look at the baccus goblins I'm really impressed with them.

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PM SaigonSaddler
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Fantasy Minis
20th Mar 2015 02:17:19

I would empty my bank account all over a nice range of Baccus fantasy.

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PM peter
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Fantasy Minis
23rd Mar 2015 11:13:57

An extensive, all new, all singing fantasy range is in the medium term plans.  The problems is, as always, so many projects to do, so few sculptors up to the task.  I'd be the first to admit that the current range is not really adequate, but in defence, it was only done as a means to placate an eight year old, and to be honest for what it is, it's stood the test of time quite well.

- The Overlord
PM braincastle
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Fantasy Minis
5th Nov 2017 09:22:07

I just refresh this topic with a bit of brainstorming from my side (hope it can give you some food for thought). Well, first post, therefore, at least I present myself: just received a Napoleonics set (Austrian vs. French) from Baccus and I am stunned by its great quality. My background in minis goes back when, ages ago, I spent tons playing with the expensive Lord of the Rings (LoTR) miniatures (sort of Warhammer 40k game style, so not in formations).

Had a look at the Baccus fantasy line and was thinking:

- Since Baccus potential sits also on its competitive advantage in terms of pricing and experience with 6mm, to design new miniatures, why not simply take as a reference GW Battle of Five Armies 10mm. Maybe it is a starting point for expanding Baccus fantasy line and get market share from a lot of nostalgic LoTR players who became a bit more adult in the meantime, or simply players who do not want to spend 50 euros for 10 plastic minis. At the same time, it might reduce the cost on the provider side (sculptors) by having already a sort of baseline...

- Moreover, I would have more than a couple of ideas of how using 6mm miniatures and "considering" Lord of the Rings 28mm ruleset for the Baccus 6mm version. Obviously, 6mm allows to place more minis on the same base belonging to a sole 28mm mini... this to me could be more than a simple visual effect ( I would not like to give hints to other manufacturers though, so maybe Peter PM me if interested?:D ).

- The two points above can be applied to Warhammer Fantasy too, of course.

At the end of the day, moneywise, I still fear that a line extension investment should match a successful potential demand from the customer. If the GW 10mm LoTR version somehow kinda failed, well, it is tough to think about a good return on investment. However, if the suitability of the miniatures could apply to different games (LoTR, Warhammer, Hordes...), then maybe there is a chance and I would love to see more fantasy minis from Baccus!




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