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Bill Braham

Continental Army 1775-76

Data from Mollo, Zlatich part 1

1. 1st Continental Regiment (Mollo & McGregor show predominantly brown/drab colours for hunting shirt and trousers based on entries in Lefferts)

2. 6th Continental Regiment

3. 7th Continental Regiment (‘Marblehead Regt’; sailors dress, mixed blue and brown coats)

4. 8th Continental Regiment

5. 12th Continental Regiment (also blue faced buff according to Zlatich & Copeland)

6. 15th Continental Regiment

7. 14th Continental Regiment

8. 18th Continental Regiment

9. 26th Continental Regiment (with inset of grenadier cap)


Additional Continental Regiments 1777 - 1779

Data from Mollo, Zlatich parts 1 & 2, Elting.

1. Col. Webb’s Additional Regiment

2. Col. Hartley’s Additional Regiment

3. Col. Spencer’s Additional Regiment

4. Col. Lee’s Additional Regiment

5. Col. Henley’s Additional Regiment

6. Col. Sherburne’s Additional Regiment

7. Col. Hazen’s 2nd Canadian Regiment, light company 1778. Inset alternative interpretation of collar & lapels after Mollo.

8. This figure is based on the von Closen drawing from the Yorktown campaign in 1781. Peviously it has been attributed to a Pennsylvania Regiment 1781 and the 2nd Canadian Regiment. It may be neither!


Continental Regulations 1779

Data from Mollo, Zlatich part 2

2.1 New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut Regiments

2.2 New York, New Jersey Regiments

2.3 Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia Regiments

2.4 North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia Regiments

2.5 Continental Artillery

2.6 General officer

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