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The Joy of Six is an annual wargames show devoted to 6mm wargaming. It offers a refreshing change to any small scale wargamer who wants to see the best that the scale has to offer without being drowned out by the 28mm juggernaut that tends to dominate the hobby and hog the stage at the mainstream shows.

The show has grown out the Baccus Gaming Days and now encompasses the work of a range of 6mm manufacturers and a large range of periods. However it still retains its original aim to showcase all that is best in the small scale.

Our aim is also to provide things to excite the jaded wargaming palate with things to take part in as well as just observe. Yes, the 'eye candy' is vital to our events as the photographs will show, but we strive to put on as many participation games as we can, feature hands-on painting workshops, provide seminars looking at various aspects of the hobby and provide spare tables for people to just play games.


The shows are held at the Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 2BX.


This is a great venue in the centre of Sheffield, easily accessible by public transport (just five minutes walk from Sheffield Mainline Station and Sheffield bus interchange), and with lots of cheap parking very nearby.


TheJoy of Six 2014 will be on Sunday 20th July 2014. If you wish to put on a game and be part of this exciting event please contact us at admin@baccus6mm.com We are particularly interested in participation games as above all, JOS shows are about doing as well as seeing!

The Joy of Six is sponsored by Baccus 6mm and Sheffield's Wargames Emporium


Picture Reports on previous shows: