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POLEMOS S.P.Q.R. 100BC - 200AD

In keeping with the overall Polemos philosophy, we offer another set of rules dedicated to a narrow era of history, this time the expansion of the Roman Empire roughly from Julius Caesar to Marcus Aurelius, or a little further. In the wider wargame world ‘ancient’ rules are generally perceived to cover the whole sweep of history from 3000 BC to 1500 AD. This has led to some strange effects, such as earnest arguments over the relative merits of the Roman legionary and the Agincourt era French man at arms. It is not our place to question the logic of such discussions, but they are not for us. Three centuries of warfare are quite enough for us to cope with.


Unit Representation and Organisation

  • A base of fioot represents approximately 400-500 men - a cohort for the Romans, a handy sized unit for tribesmen.


  • One base of cavalry represents about 250 horses and riders, (formed from 8 turmae of your Romans or Roman influenced).

  • One base of light horse represents about 75 men and mounts, or a couple of Roman turmae.
  • One base of chariots represents 10-20 vehicles, warriors and drivers.

  • One base of artillery represents up to 10 real pieces.


    In actual play the tactical unit is a Group of bases.



Ground Scale and Basing

All distances in Polemos games are expressed in Base Widths (BW) and Base Depths (BD) in order to aid the use of differing base sizes. A BD is half a BW.
One base width (BW) represents 200 paces. One base depth (BD) represents 100 paces.


This system means that any size base can be used for bases, so no rebasing is required providing both sides are consistent. We have found that a 60mm x 30mm base gives the best results in both practical terms and also in giving a good level of visual impact. All Baccus 6mm Polemos Army and Booster packs are organised on this basis.


To get an idea of the scale of the game and the organisation of troops and armies we've made a pdf download available of some draft pages of the rules covering these issues. To download them, just >>>Click Here>>>