Polemos WSS Rules

    Wargames rules designed to bring out the best in your 6mm armies! Quick to play, easy to use but with a command system designed to make you think

    In order to give the greatest flexibility in play, there are two sets of Polemos WSS rules. Chosen men, well disposed treats one base as a battalion and enables you to play smaller actions or part of larger battles. Obstinate and Bloody Battle has a scale of one base representing a Brigade and lets you fight the largest actions in their entirety.

    Both sets come complete with our unique Army Generators which test your skill as a General, not as a rules lawyer and and accountant!

    Best of all both rules sets are supported by carefully designed army packs which allow you to build up your army quickly and conveniently.

    Your can buy these rules on one of three ways:

    Available as a pdf downloads for each set from Wargames Vault

    A Hard Copy print version of each set from Lulu.

    As a pdf and optimised for tablet version in our Rules onna Stick format for both versions (see below).


Price per pack (EU) £10.00
Price per pack (elsewhere) £8.33

Polemos WSS Rules On A Stick

Just the thing for those of you who want to use your rules with an iPad or Tablet or even your mobile phone.

Each stick contains full colour versions of both of the Polemos WSS rules. format. These versions have been specially formatted for those of you using tablets and smartphones. This means that you can easily navigate from the play sheet to the relevant section in the body of the rules and back again, greatly speeding up play. For those of you who still want to print a had copy then we also include a printer friendly black and white version as well.

Great for those of you who like your rules sets portable.

C'mon, get your rules onna stick! They're luvverly!





The early years of the Eighteenth Century were dominated by two great European Conflicts. In the fields of Flanders and Germany, the armies of Louis XIV were engaged against those of the Maritime Powers and the Imperialists over the claim of the French Bourbons to the Spanish Throne. Meanwhile the northern countries of Europe were caught up in the great struggle between Russian and Sweden as to who should be the dominant Baltic power.

Welcome to Polemos WSS - two distinct sets of wargames rules which enable you to fight battles set during the War of Spanish Succession 1701-1714 of difering sizes and at different levels of command. By doing so we also hope to recreate the feel of warfare in this period, which was one of rigid linear formations, ponderous manoeuvring and close range musketry duels, but still allow an average game to be played to the finish within 3-4 hours.

Polemos WSS is therefore produced as two sets of seperate rules.

Obstinate and bloody battle (OBB) The aim of this ruleset is to allow the wargamer to recreate large battles in the era of the Duke of Marlborough, Prince Eugene of Savoy and Marshal Vil-leroi. Use Obstinate and Bloody Battle (OBB) if you want to stage the clash of major armies or recreate a historical battle such as Blenheim or Malplaquet.

Chosen men, well disposed (CMWD) The aim of this ruleset is to enable the player to recreate the small to medium sized battles of the War of Spanish Succession, or crucial parts of the major battles. Using Chosen men, well disposed, you can, if you wish, replay General Webb’s action at Wynendael or perhaps the attack of the Allied left column on the village of Blenheim.

The same wargames figures may be used in both sets of rules, as the basing system is universal - only the nominal scale will differ.

Polemos WSS aimed at enabling the wargamer to fight large scale actions; actual battles, rather than small scale skirmishes. Systems for firing, melee and morale are straightforward and easy to learn, but allow your troops to emulate the tactics used by their historical counterparts.


Basing and Representation

The basic unit of manoeuvre in Polemos WSS is the Base - a group of wargames figures mounted permanently on a single base of a given size. The actual position and number of the figures on the base is not important, nor is it important that the base sizes given below are adhered to. So long as both armies use the same basing system, the rules should not be affected.

In Obstinate and bloody battle



A 60mm x 30mm base of infantry represents an infantry brigade- about 1350-1600 men.



A 60mm x 30mm base of cavalry represents a brigade of 750-900 men and horses.

A 30mm x 30mm artillery base represents a battery of 8 to 10 guns.


A 30mm x 30mm Officer base is used for Generals and senior officers.




In Chosen men, well disposed


A 60mm x 30mm base of infantry represents an infantry battalion of 300-500 men.




A 60mm x 30mm base of cavalry represents two to three squadrons- about 200-300 men.

A 30mm x 30mm artillery base represents two to three guns.

All distances in Polemos games are expressed in Base Widths (BW) and Base Depths (BD) in order to allow the use of differing base sizes. A BD is half a BW.

This system means that any size can be used for bases, so no rebasing is required so long as both sides are consistent.

We believe that a 60mm x 30mm base gives the best results in terms of both practical use and visual impact.

All Baccus 6mm Polemos army and booster packs are organised on this basis.