The Wars of the Roses were fought between 1455 and 1485. The conflict was not constant throughout this period rather being an intermittent civil war fought over the throne of England between adherents of the House of Lancaster and the House of York. Both houses were branches of the Plantagenet royal house, tracing their descent from King Edward III.

.The Wars were fought largely by the landed aristocracy and armies of feudal retainers. The principal troops used were Longbowmen and Billmen. The nobles tended to fight on foot rather than mounted as was their long practice derived from many years of war against foreign opponents. This was a period of change and the future shape of warfare was already making its presence felt by the introduction of pikemen, handgunners and artillery into even the conservative English armies.

The figures in this range lend themselves well to use outside of the armies of York and Lancaster. The range will enable you to assemble contemporary armies from France, Germany and Burgandy, as well as plying their trade in the latter years of the Hundred Years War.

Figure Format
Pike and spear armed Infantry are based four figures to a strip, facing forward, on a 20mm frontage. Missile troops, Billmen, Dismounted Men at Arms,(four to a strip), and Mounted troops (three to a strip), are based in file for cutting and rebasing. Infantry packs contain four strips of command to twenty of line. I can vary this proportion on request.

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Wars of the Roses