Great War - Middle East releases

17th Jan 2018

Here's our second batch of new releases for 2018,  This time we are shifting to the Great War.  Donning our Sun hats and swopping mud for shifting sands I am very pleased to announce the release of our new British troops in Middle East dress.

We have infantry


and artillery


All of which will fit nicely in with the previously released Turks and ANZAC forces for those of you wanting a change from the trenches of Flanders.   While we are on the subject we've also released cavalry for the ANZAC forces.

GIven the emails I've had  on the subject, these will definitely go down well with a lot of people.

You can find more details about the British codes and their new DIvision Pack if you click here.  You can find the ANZAC codes here.

'But what about the Indian Army?' I can hear your collective voices cry. 'We really need these as well!'    Of course you do, and,  if all goes well, you'll be able to get your hands on these at Vapnartak on 4th  February where we'll be releasing them.

The Indian codes will see the completion of this phase of work and we'll be shifting our attention to the Great War on the Eastern front.   The Russians have already been sculpted and are now working their way through the moulding process.   The Austro-Hungarians are well underway, and we'll be following these up with the Serbian army.

It will all be over by Christmas!

Who am I kidding?