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TOPIC: GNW Swedish Flags
PM Peter the Swede
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GNW Swedish Flags
Peter the Swede
11th Feb 2017 04:46:11

Been making flags for the Swedish army underdogs - the Manning Regiments and other odds and sods.


Excuse the Swedish.

Ga pa.


PM hwiccee
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GNW Swedish Flags
11th Feb 2017 11:25:59

Nice, thanks for sharing.

PM Peter the Swede
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GNW Swedish Flags
Peter the Swede
13th Feb 2017 10:21:09

Varvade and Garrison regts:


Some of the Livfana are educated guesses.

PM peter
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GNW Swedish Flags
14th Feb 2017 10:20:25

Always good to see more GNW stuff around.    Lovely work and such a complete coverage.   Makes a change from the 'usual suspects'.   Given all the current flim flam around about GNW is 28mm it is worth nothing that for long, long years, it has been 6mm flying the flag for the period and is still the only place to get a comprehensive coverage from one place.

And I suppose it is appropriate at this point to let you know that plans are in place for a big facelift for the GNW ranges in the next couple of years...

- The Overlord
PM Peter the Swede
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Posts: 16
GNW Swedish Flags
Peter the Swede
14th Feb 2017 05:14:30

Nooooooo..... Ill have to sell my armies and buy the new range!  Will it include Swedish cavalry with karpus?



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18th Sep 2017

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7th Oct 2017-8th Oct 2017

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GWB28 - British 8GWB28
British 8" howitzer and crew

WWG25 - Fallschirmjaeger 8cm mortar and crewWWG25
Fallschirmjaeger 8cm mortar and crew

WWG29 - Fallschirmjaeger 105mm recoilless and crewWWG29
Fallschirmjaeger 105mm recoilless and crew

WWG28 - Fallschirmjaeger 75mm recoilless and crewWWG28
Fallschirmjaeger 75mm recoilless and crew

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