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PM MoonManV2
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My first 6mm Project
1st Feb 2015 02:48:17

A few months ago I caught the 6mm fever and I decided to start out with Napoleonics. My first purchase was the French Army Pack 1812-1815. Just have to say over all Im incredibly impressed with the quality. The only real gripe I have is how some of the bayonettes have fallen off.

Ive decided to base the army on 3" squares. I want each base to be a brigade to play large scale games.So I need the space to represent more than one battalion on it. Im greatly looking forward to the release of Sam Mustafas new game Blucher. 3" squares should work pretty well with it.

These are the first few units that ive finished.

Please pardon the poor image quality and lighting. Im no photographer and the only camera I have is on my phone


These are some early french infantry I did to test out the paint scheme and basing technique

These are some Chasseurs. The plan is to have 2 squadrons per base. Light horse will be 18 figures in lines like above and Heavy Cav squadrons will be 24 figures in a tighter formation side by side.

These are 2 Artillery units. I cant decide if I like 1 or 2 cannons per base. Id like to have more  than 1 on there to show its a full battery not just a single gun. But is it too crowded? Ill be adding little stacks of cannonballs and barrels of powder eventually

I havent finished the infantry yet but I plan on having 3-4 battalions per base. I should have some bases done fairly soon. Just ordered some Voltiguers to add as skirmishers. The paint scheme Im hoping will be much brighter with the new batch Ive mixed in some light blue with the royal blue Ive been using. The test figures were much too dark

I guess Ill be using this as a sort of log of my projects. I plan on evenually collecting an ACW army to use with Altar of Freedom, a Hail Caesar army of Romans vs Celts. and some AWI units to use with a modified version of Black Powder 

PM njt236
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My first 6mm Project
1st Feb 2015 03:53:17

I like the idea of 2 guns per base. 1 cannon and 1 howitzer maybe.

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PM Cerdic
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My first 6mm project
1st Feb 2015 11:28:58

Excellent results for you first effort!


As you have discovered, you need to use a lighter shade of paint for 6mm figures than you would use on larger ones!

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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My first 6mm project
2nd Feb 2015 09:51:56

Two guns to a base does look good.



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