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TOPIC: Rebasing my Napoleonics, suggestions?
PM jozistinman
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Rebasing my Napoleonics, suggestions?
31st Mar 2017 01:07:53

My 6mm 1809 forcesa are currently allbased on 20mm squares, 4 stands / 8 strips / 32 figures per battalion.  I have decided to take the plunge and rebase them all on 60mm x 30mm bases, but I have "extras" per battalion.

My troops are all French or Austrian, so was thinking about taking teh extra strips and doing things like replacing the drummer and NCO so I can out them behind he second rank and use the rest behind the second rank spread out as other NCO's and file closers.  Any thoughts?  My other option is to get 25% more bases but some battalions not having standards or officers, but given the number of units I have and my small playing space this does not benefit me much. 



PM bushs
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Rebasing my Napoleonics, suggestions?
1st Apr 2017 03:13:11

Hi J,

I'm pretty sure you can order specials from Baccus. I mean different ratios of command strips to rank & file strips other than the standard ratios listed in the catalogue.

You just have to communicate with Peter what you'd like is what I understand. 


PM Glenn Pearce
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Rebasing my Napoleonics, suggestions?
Glenn Pearce
1st Apr 2017 01:55:51

Hello Jozi's & Steve!

I had similiar problems when I switched over to 60x30 with some of my older (non-Baccus) 6mm stuff. I used some as third row file closers, but only because there were too few of them to do much else with. I don't really like the look though. It just works against my ordered brain, so I'm sure it's actually okay.

You could also just make some with complete third rows. Some people do that anyways as they like the look of three rows better.

My choice would be to do as Steve suggests. Simply order a couple of new packs from Baccus that contain as many command stands as you need. Just make sure you mention that in the comments and perhaps send a email to back it up. My logic here is yes today you might not need any more units but things change and you never know when they may in fact come in handy.

A final option is to simply build a unit without a command stand. It's only cosmetic. My ordered brian would not allow me to do it, but yours might. However, some of my very old stuff has lost their flag and nobody really notices. Also none of my light infantry units have command stands, their all made up of skirmishers.

Best regards,




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