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TOPIC: Men of the cloth
PM Baron Clenawly
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Men of the cloth
Baron Clenawly
27th Jul 2017 08:05:00

Looking at the excellent battlefields on show at Joy of Six has got me thinking about my own layout. I am a man of the cloth i.e. create my battlefield by draping a felt cloth over the table. Presenty I am searchng for one suitable for Southern Europe. A green/ yellow/ brown arid look that will suffice for the Iberian Peninsular or more fertile regions of the Middle east. It would need to cover a 8 by 5 foot ( 3m by 2m) table allowing for some hills under the felt .

Any suggestions where I could obtain one in the UK?




PM Elenderil
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Men of the cloth
27th Dec 2017 12:15:46

In the North East we have a chain called Boyes.  They sell felt in a variety of colours including leaf green and a pale brown.  With a bit of work with spray cans of acrylic paint it’s easy to creat a mat to suit most terrain types.  I’m not sure what width it comes in though but a quick trawl through google should solve that.

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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Men of the cloth
1st Jan 2018 03:05:23

A very nice alternative to felt are the cloths sold by Simon Miller of To the Strongest fame. At his Big Red Bat shop he stocks Deep Cut mats in a variety of sizes, designs and with or without squares martked on


I reccomend the sagebrush steppe design for your needs. This is greener than the photos on the website. However if you click on the alternative photo with the figures on the mat this is a much better representation of the real colours. I use this mat for the US, southern Europe and the Middle East, and it also works well for summer in northern Europe.

PM Baron Clenawly
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Men of the cloth
Baron Clenawly
2nd Jan 2018 07:59:22

Thanks Guys.

I ended up buying a Mat from Tiny Wargames as they had a Pre Chistmas discount scheme running. The type is titled Arid green and looks good. However I'll consider your suggestions as I will be looking at a more Northern Europe / Green mat for battles in cooler and wetter climates.



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