Partizan, Colours and some newcomers...

7th Sep 2015

I'll start this little update by marking the end of an era, as I have just attended the last ever Partizan to be held at Kelham Hall.   I know that a lot of people have a sentimental attachment to the place, but the venue was awful from a trader's point of view, the lighting apalling, the reception for mobile card readers non-existent and the catering eccentric and over-priced.  All of this was exacerbated for the last couple of years by the attitude of the new owners who made it blindingly obvious that they did not want us there.  The new venue is a purpose built exhibition centre and I think it will only serve to improve a show which is an important fixture in the UK wargaming calendar.

And talking of fixtures, it is great to see the reappearance of Colours this coming weekend.  Reduced to a one-day event, which isby no means a bad thing, I am really looking forward to the visit to Newbury and I hope to see a lot of you there.  You've still got  a little time to get orders into us, but please be quick.

Work on new releases continues, and here's a preview of a couple of items that will be coming your way soon.

Yes, it's the replacement for the iconic SS1 Line infantry.   Once again painted up as the Regiment de Berry.   We are looking at a release date in October for the range as a whole.

Work on the Great War ranges is continuing.  Here are a couple of mortars that you can expect to see on sale soon.

We'll have these and lots like them for the French and Germans out in a couple of weeks time, followed by heavy artillery for all three nationalities.