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TOPIC: SYW Battle, May 2
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SYW Battle, May 2
Extra Crispy
23rd Apr 2015 11:29:36

For the upcoming battle on May 2, the beginnings of laying out the battlefield. There are still spots available if you want to play. These are the major terrain features: a river, a central high ground area and two large forests. The white "squares" are towns that will get filled in with buildings etc. I'll also be laying down roads and lots of "scenic only" bits like single trees, fields, fences, etc. etc.

Game is being held May 2 at Scale Creep Miniatures in Evanston, IL (just north of Chicago). There are still spots open....

View from Southeast

View From Northwest

Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin

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SYW Battle, May 2
24th Apr 2015 09:15:02

Looks great and I would love to come but I am on the wrong side of the Atlantic :(



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