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PM Hecoma
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War of 1812
5th Apr 2015 07:37:05

Hi all,

I'm beginning a new project with the War of 1812. Does anyone have suggestions for proxies ?

US infantry : napoleonic spanish line infantry NSP05 or NSP07 ? or british infantry ?

Militias : napoleonic infantry in hat NSP03 ? AWI infantry in hunting shirts ? other suggestions please ?

Thank you

PM njt236
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War of 1812
6th Apr 2015 01:09:18

Infantry in 1812 were still wearing the beaver Top Hat as well as the British Stovepipe shako along with the British style jacket so I would use a mix of Spanish NSP03 for formed line and NSP04 for skirmishers (in hats) and British in Stovepipe. Militia, AWI in hunting jacket and round hat.


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PM Hecoma
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War of 1812
6th Apr 2015 06:56:45

Thanks a lot Nigel.

PM Harlequin
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War of 1812
6th Apr 2015 10:24:14

And there's also the "Woodland Indians" from the American War of Independence range that you could use for your native warriors, although you've probably thought of that one already. :)

PM Hecoma
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War of 1812
6th Apr 2015 01:14:52

Yes, I've thought of that ;) Thank you Harlequin.

Baccus range is plenty of references for proxies but it's not easy to find the good one :)

PM Glenn Pearce
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War of 1812
Glenn Pearce
6th Apr 2015 02:35:51

Hello Hecoma!

The Americans wore the top hat from 1808 to 1810. The new British style shako was 1810-1812 and a "Belgic" style shako was used from 1813-1815. As always the transitions took time so you have overlaps. The militia wore a number of different hats but the most common one for the period was the top hat. The round hat and hunting jacket were also in use. I chose the following:

Top Hat - NSP03 & NSP04

British Shako - NBR01 & NBR11

Belgic Shako - NBR14 & NBR16

Round Hat & Jacket - AWR09 & AWR10

Indians - AWI01 & AWI02

Generals - NBR09

Artillery - NBR07

Limbers - NFR15

Cavalry - NFR5

Best regards,


PM Hecoma
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War of 1812
6th Apr 2015 03:23:08

That's great ! Thank you Glenn.

PM kented
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War of 1812
8th Apr 2015 04:48:00

Glenn's  list is very good   You can add these for even more variety

NDB01 - Dutch Line Infantry, formed  US 1812 uniform

NDB04 - Belgian Line Infantry, formed  US 1813 on

NBR05 - British Light Dragoons - Tarleton  Canadian/Provincial Cavalry

NBR11 - British Light Infantry, stovepipe shako - skirmish  Canadian Miltia 

NBR16 - Flank Companies, Belgic Shako - skirmish  Glengarry Light Infantry -  used muskets not rifles

NBR18 - Light Dragoons, shako  British Light Dragoons

NBR22 - British Rockets

AWL01 - Loyalist Infantry- Formed AWL02 - Loyalist Infantry - Skirmish  longer jackets and headgear are good for various militia units   in Canada  and with some minor conversions can also be used for various US militias as well

AWL03 - Queen's American Rangers - Skirmish  a little filing off the hats  and yu get the Canadian Voltigeurs    ( Gey Uniforms/ Fusilier barskins)

AWR11 - Continental Dragoons varous Militia units


I have built   large 1812  armies  and can fight most battles at a 1:5 ratio and the rest at 1:10  This allows realistic looking armies on a regular gaming table Battles look like battles and becuase we are looking at armies of a few thousand  so you can refight the actual battles without  scaling down units as you usually have to do with Napoleoncs  You can use a variety of rule sets  and one way to adapt is to count one Baccus strip of 4 figures as one figure for larger scales - so a base with 4  Baccus strips  gives you 16 figures   that scales down to 4 figures  for rules systems like Rocket's Red Glare


Have fun


PM Hecoma
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War of 1812
8th Apr 2015 06:12:32

Whoa ! Many thanks kented.

I'm french (nobody is perfect :)) and I've discovered this conflict with this blog :


I think it could be helpful although it's a french blog


PM kented
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War of 1812
12th Apr 2015 04:31:33

Bonjur  Hecoma


Thesiteyou mentionned is excellent and as   probably the best source of 1812Uniforms on the WEB You maywant to try these other sites



Your French ancestry    reminds me of how confusng the War of 1812  can be.  Many American gamers profess great admiration for the British at Waterloo  Wellington in the Peinsula and Nelson at Trafalger  and  are "confused" when I remind them that Napoleon was their ally and that Wellington and Nelson (if still alive) could easily have been the ones to lead an invasion of their country  The greatUS eublic in effect was allied with Imperial France against  the  Britain




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