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TOPIC: Frenah and Indian War alternatives
PM HestonFan
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Frenah and Indian War alternatives
20th Jan 2015 10:37:47

I had an email chat with the grand pooh himself... Peter about good proxies for some of the unique French troops. I want to pass the info on in case someone else out there has interest in the period.

French colonial marines = SyW Russians in summer dress.  His justification for the tricorne hats is that there are very few sources of the soldiers wearing those sleep caps.  I am not a historian.

French militia = early 18th century dismounted french dragoons. 

Coeur du bois = (this is my own opinion) AwI skirmishING militia in hunting shirts and AwI Native Americans.  You would need to sand off the tricornes and sculpt the slumber caps onto the militia models.  It probably wouldn't hurt to leave the occasional  tricorne. I included the Native Americans based on the possibility of rugged French trappers adopting the ways of the native Americans they lived amongst.  

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PM Awell
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Frenah and Indian War alternatives
6th May 2015 07:38:15

Hi HestonFan,

Do you know which is the exact reference for the "AwI skirmishING militia"? AWR10? 

Have you tried the Militia conversion?




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