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PM keithabarker
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Napoleonic British Marines
8th Jul 2017 11:24:09

Any chance that Baccus might do some of these?

Or is there a good proxy available - I was thinking that the Spanish in hat NSP03 and NSP04 might work?

This is what I want ...

PM Glenn Pearce
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Napoleonic British Marines
Glenn Pearce
13th Jul 2017 12:49:16

Hello Keith!

I asked Peter about this figure earlier this year as it was also a very common uniform/hat in North America. He told me at that time he had no short term plans to produce this figure. So I used the Spanish figures you mention and they look great. I didn't paint any marines yet, but a proper paint job would certainly look very convincing.

Best regards,




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Hammerhead (Newark Showground)
3rd Mar 2018

Salute (Excel Centre, London)
14th Apr 2018

Partizan (Kelham Hall, Newark)
20th May 2018

Phalanx (Sutton Leisure Centre, St. Helens)
16th Jun 2018

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15th Jul 2018


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