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TOPIC: Mixing line and skirmish infantry in a unit
PM MoonManV2
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Mixing line and skirmish infantry in a unit
26th Feb 2015 10:44:26

Has anyone ever tried mixing napoleonic formed and skirmish infantry in the same unit? To give the impression he line is firing? I ask because I'm building a force on 60mm squares to play Blucher with, and I'd like to find a way to differentiate units with the volley trait from ones without. I thought maybe having the line firing would be a good way to do that.

From what I see on the site, the sculpts for the British light infantry skirmish seems pretty much identical to regular ine. Same with French voltiguers and line.

Has anyone tried this? If so how did it look? Im big into the aesthetic of my bases so if it looks messy Id rather just leave them be.

PM dane
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Mixing line and skirmish infantry in a unit
27th Feb 2015 10:41:34

Hi I haven't done it for Napoleonics but have with some of my Colonial Egyptians I think it looks ok


PM Bezmozgu
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Mixing line and skirmish infantry in a unit
27th Feb 2015 12:47:43

I use the French and British skirmishing figures for my Legere and Light/Rifle infantry stands.  I do not mix line troops with them.  The first rank are the firing figures and the second rank the figures loading.  My bases have a frontage of 20mm, which hold two ranks of four figures each.  You can possibly squeeze five per rank on a 20mm wide base. 

I hope eventually to adapt this for Blucher by creating magnetic bases with a 45mm-50mm frontage (base width, BW) that hold four of the smaller stands each.  For now I'm learning Blucher using the single stands attached (with a small bit of glue dot) to printed cardstock "bases" that contain all the unit data around the edges and fire arc markings that have a BW of approximately 32mm.  This BW works well on a 3' x 2' terrain area footprint.


Virginia, USA

PM Mauser
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Mixing line and skirmish infantry in a unit
27th Feb 2015 11:37:14

Hi Moonman,


 a firline can look like that

These are Pavloski grenadiers pressed to serve Frederick the great as Prussian grenadiers


The first and second lines are firing, the third are loading figures. There a no formed figures in the unit. Having marching positions behind firing ones makes no sence. Perhaps you can't see the feet when they are covered in long grass....


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PM General Beltane
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Mixing line and skirmish infantry in a unit
General Beltane
3rd Mar 2015 11:53:29

I think the variation looks good in a firing line

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PM Yorkshire_Pud
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Mixing line and skirmish infantry in a unit
4th Mar 2015 10:42:13

Hi, I did this with Russian Napoleonics for one of my bases.  I posted a picture on my blog here:



The results look quite good.





PM steve_holmes_11
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Mixing line and skirmish infantry in a unit
22nd Apr 2015 10:50:23

I've tried a few variations.

I gave up on building a shooting line from skirmish poses (Just too fiddly for my old eyes - great respect to the guys who have pulled it off).

I used to scatter a few skirmish shooters in front of the line figures. Then I read a bit more about skirmishing, and how the light company operated 1-200m ahead of the line. That's when the penny dropped about how they could screen the main body.

Now I model my line troops form the standard marching poses. but have some additional skirmishing markers. These cover the frontage of a unit, and have a handfull of shooting (and loading where available) poses.

On the wargames table I typically post the shooting markers half a musket shot ahead of the main line.



PM Fenton
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Mixing line and skirmish infantry in a unit
22nd Apr 2015 10:04:47

If you have a look online for Grande Armed 6mm images you will see some nice. Bases



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