So I've been toying with a set of rules for 1:300 Aeronefs/Skyships. I had been using the very nice Brigade Models ships for initial play testing which worked fine for ship combat but not the boarding actions I want to include. I'll probably use some of Peter's WW1 figures as my boarding parties for the moment...

Since no one makes models I'm basically having to scratchbuild. But this is a low priority project so I tested a scratch built model using some paper and a few scraps of balsa. These are crude but I think they will end up working well. 

For my actual fleets I'll probably use 1/2" styrofoam for the hulls (I have several sheets in the workshop lying around) covered in paper decks and then just seal and paint the hulls.

The wood button turret is too large for this ship, but it will be useful for immobile air forts. And the overall color scheme needs work. Finally, the detail on the superstructures will be improved.

All this was done using simple shapes in Powerpoint.

Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin