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PM TheInnerGeek
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14th Sep 2016 04:46:02

Just starting my Napoleonics journey and I have a couple of questions regarding flags.

First off, I'm not what I would call a "hardcore historical accuracy" guy. I'm not doing uinform trim colors on my 6mm troops, for example. But, I do want to have some semblance on accuracy in the flags as that is a more identifiable way to recognize groups on the battlefield anyway. At least with my old eyes!

So, I need some good pages with references to what regiments used what flags. I noted that on the back of the flags that came with my baccus starter armies there is a list of what regiments used which flags by number. But, for example, I'd like to pick up some Highlanders and I wouldn't have any idea what regiment number they are or which flag(s) is appropriate for them? Would I need another set of baccus "British Infantry 1" or the "British Infantry 2" or '3' set?

I hope I communicated that question correclty, as I said I'm very new to Napoleonics. I know the little soldiers will look great no matter what as I managed to get 3 bases worth painted this past weekend and I love how they look. But I'd hate to just pop flags on willy-nilly with no regard to whether they should be there or not. Any advise is appreciated!

For bonus points I'd welcome any advice on what to purchase next to expand upon the British and French starter sets! On one had I feel I have a ton of painting to do, but I'm already looking forward to more 6mm goodness down the road.

PM Glenn Pearce
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Glenn Pearce
14th Sep 2016 08:06:34

Hello TheInnerGeek!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Baccus Napoleonics. There is no better place to be.

Most British flags match their collars/cuffs/facing/etc. So all you need to do is match up what you want with the matching flag package. The Guards and a few others are different. However, if your not painting any uniform trim then any flag will do. Most of my units have the proper flags but some don't. Nobody has ever noticed. As long as they have the right country your doing fine. If this is not clear or you need more info, just ask.

You have already discovered how great they look and how fast they paint. What could be better!

Next all depends on where you want to go. If your going to build big armies then you need more British and French. If other countries then probably Austria, then Russian or Spanish, etc. The entire project can be as big as you want. I have some 30,000 Napoleonic figures and still have a lot that I want to add. So if you can figure out your long term goal the answer will be easier.

Best regards,


PM keithabarker
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17th Sep 2016 11:27:25

Hi TheInnerGeek,

If you have access to a good printer, you can get copies of the flags from warflag and scale them down to the size you want...


Each British battalion carried two flags, One was the King's colour (looks like the "Union Jack") and the other was the Regimental colour (with a field the same as the regiment's facings and the "Union Jack" in the top corner). Regiments with white or black facings added the red St George's cross to the field. In the middle of the field, each regiment had its own device usually in a wreath (but these are too small to distinguish in 6mm).

This applied to the KGL too; being “Royal” they all had blue facings.

The exception is the Guards who carried one "Union Jack" and one crimson flag (despite having blue and not crimson facings). Look at the top two rows of Baccus’ flags British Infantry 3.

Light infantry carried their colours in the field but not the 95th Foot (Rifles).

Hopefully the above will enable you to decipher the British Infantry flags.

As for Highland regiments, the 42nd Foot (Black Watch) had blue facings, the 79th Foot (Cameron Highlanders) had green facings and the 92nd Foot (Gordon Highlanders) had yellow facings so you won’t go far wrong by picking one of these colours for your Highlanders.

For my bonus points…

It depends perhaps on what you are planning to do with your British and French troops. You can really choose to refight the Peninsular or the 100-day campaigns. If the first, then adding some Portuguese or Spanish (my favorite) would seem the way to go. If the second then Dutch-Belgian or Prussians. In both cases adding a unit of Brunswick or Nassau would work, as these fought in both campaigns (although Nassau changed sides!). Baccus don’t do any Nassau specific troops, they wore French style uniforms (green with yellow facings) so I just used the normal French models.




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