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PM recces68
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Fun with Flags
25th May 2017 05:45:21

Hello all,

hope somebody can help with this, im having trouble with flags.finding that flag print cracks when folded around the poleor just positioning on the figures. i tried touching up with pen but dosnt look right, anybody got any tips ?.



PM Markyboy
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Fun with Flags
26th May 2017 10:40:45

Try rolling the flag gently around a bit of wire to get it semi folded before squeezing it together at either end - rather than just folding / creasing and cracking it. Love the Big Bang Theory reference. Sheldon would approve.

PM peter
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Fun with Flags
30th May 2017 09:29:06

If you get the flag sheet thoroughly soaked with watered-down PVA glue before you wrap it round, this should solve the problem.   I find that there is always a little touch up required on flags on the edges, because it is next to impossible to avoid white edges, but I use paint to do that rather than a pen.

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