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TOPIC: AWI British Infantry Tricornes
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AWI British Infantry Tricornes
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29th Aug 2015 09:13:29

May I ask a quick question please?  Am I right in assuming that the lace on officers' tricorne hats was silver, whereas it was white for the rank and file?

Not very noticeable, but someone I know but am too embarrassed to mention the name of painted the Landwehr symbol on his Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr infantry in silver instead of white... :-)

Thanks in anticipation.

PM peter
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AWI British Infantry Tricornes
7th Sep 2015 07:54:57

Yes,you are -but I'll be honest and say that I usually do mine white anyway as it actually stands out better than silver.

6mm is all about being able to make howlers and getting away with it. I wouldn't have even noticed the Landwehr crosses - unless of course they were done on 28mm and then you were just asking for it...


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AWI British Infantry Tricornes
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7th Sep 2015 05:34:55

Thanks Peter.

Must admit that they are all painted and nearly all are based now, though.  I did a couple of units with blue facings and used gold/brass coloured paint for the officers' tricorne lace.

Another benefit of 6mm is that when painting a highland regiment, you don't feel too guilty about just using dark green for the tartans and not trying to paint the pattern...



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