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TOPIC: Painting Artillery
PM hangarflying
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Painting Artillery
12th Sep 2016 03:48:29

FWIW I'm painting 7YW artillery.

For the infantry and cavalry, I've attached the strips to popsicle sticks in order to paint them. No big deal. I'm wondering the best way to go about painting artillery. Do most of you just attach the gun to the base and paint from there, or do you use a temporary base/popsicle stick to paint it (much like the infantry/cavalry)?

PM MykeCole
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Painting Artillery
12th Sep 2016 04:29:47

I'm hardly an expert, but I always fully assemble the gun (wheels, carriage, barrel, etc) then hot glue it to a cardboard strip (the same size I use for my infantry and cavalry) and paint it that way.

Hope that helps.



PM ithoriel
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Painting Artillery
13th Sep 2016 12:21:27

I glue the gun to the base and the crew to tongue depressors, paint both, glue crew in place, texture the base and paint/ flock that.

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PM Volleyfire!
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Painting Artillery
14th Sep 2016 06:52:00

I use a lolly (popsicle if you're American) stick and put a strip on blu tac on it. Assemble the guns and press them onto the blu tac, and the same for the artillery crew strips. Spray with black primer and then paint everything.. Meanwhile I put earth colour basetex on the base where the gun is going to sit and when dry I give it a wash of dilute vellejo flat earth. I then take the crew having painted them, seperate them and glue to the base with PVA and when dry I fill in the rest of the base with the basetex, building up the level to hide the figures bases.Once dry the base is given another wash where the new basetex areas are, and after drying the whole base is drybrushed with vallejo stone grey. I then glue the gun in place with superglue and finally put some dabs of PVA here and there and sprinkle with GW flock so that the base is about half bare earth and half flock. Leave to dry and then paint the edges of the base with flat green and finally spray with varnish.

PM ithoriel
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Painting Artillery
14th Sep 2016 09:39:52

A couple of thoughts on the sticking things to "painting sticks."

I use tongue depressors which are a little bigger than lolly sticks so there's more room for things bigger than a human figure.

I glue things onto the sticks with Copydex (cow gum) which gives a good bond but which peels off easily.

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PM Glenn Pearce
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Painting Artillery
Glenn Pearce
14th Sep 2016 08:20:24

Hello hangarflying!

I've always found artillery and equipment in general awkward to paint. If not already assembled then I do so and simply paint it by holding it at the end or in some place other then on a wheel. Once dry I paint the spot that I held. That allows me to get paint everywhere including under the wheels etc. When I mounted them first I found it very difficult to get a brush in certain places. Either the item itself or the base would get in the way of making a clean line.

Best regards,



PM bushs
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Painting Artillery
15th Sep 2016 10:31:58

Hi HF,

I haven't painted any 6mm artillery as yet. However, when I paint 15's or larger I drill a small hole in the gun chassis on the underside and glue a stiff wire into that hole. I use the wire to hold onto while I paint the gun. I also do the same for the barrel and the wheels. You have to be careful when you remove the wire because if the glue comes off with the wire it can take some of the paint with it. You can get around that by carefully scoring the surface of the paint around the wire with a scarp scalpel before you pull the wire out. Alternatively, you can hold the glue and paint in place with a pair of tweazers while squeezing onto the base of the wire and simultaneously pull the wire out with a pair of pliers. Or combo of both.

Have you thought about whether you are going to use metallics or not for the barrel? Check out Andreas' gun painting technique (if you haven't already) on the forum. Search for 'Team Yankee'. Also, if you aren't going to use metallic paint for the barrels I recommend you look at some of the paper soldiers available for some inspiration. One of the guys at my club put some 10mm paper guns together recently and they come precoloured so all you have to do is cut them out and glue them together. No painting required. Anyway my point being that  the shading on the paper barrels is IMO excellent, light yellow tones on the top of the barrel and browns towards the underside. Gives you plenty of guidance on how to shade your barrels when not using metallics.

Best regards,


PM keithabarker
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Painting Artillery
16th Sep 2016 07:21:11

I always stick artillery guns and artillery equipment to their bases before I paint them. Seemed easiest so.


PM hangarflying
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Painting Artillery
16th Sep 2016 10:21:09

Hey all, thanks for all the suggestions. I ended up gluing them to the base before any painting. We'll see how it goes!

PM njt236
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Painting Artillery
16th Sep 2016 04:04:24

I glue the artillery piece to it's base and paint it in situ. The crew and everything else, ie infantry and cavalry strips I fix to several 6" rulers and paint. The crew I then fix to the artillery base, sand, paint and add statis grass. What I have found is that because the crew figures have their own individual bases, when glued in position they are then slightly too tall alongside the artillery piece. What I do now is slightly raise the gun by gluing it to a thin piece of mdf or plasticard just big enough for the gun to fit on and glue this to the base. This raises the height of the gun so when the crew are then put in place they are then at the correct height alongside the gun. ie the bottom of the gun wheels and the trail are at the same level as the crews feet. With sand and static grass you don't even see the gun has been raised at all.



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