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TOPIC: Napoleonic Austrian Flag Poles
PM bushs
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Napoleonic Austrian Flag Poles
19th May 2017 06:26:29


Anybody have any tips on how to go about painting the stripes on Austrian flag poles in 6mm?

My stripes seem to spread and wander as I work my way around the post...



PM njt236
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Napoleonic Austrian Flag Poles
19th May 2017 05:02:02

Have you tried just painting thin hoops of red, white and blue instead of a spiral.???. Just a thought

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PM Mollinary
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Napoleonic Austrian Flag Poles
19th May 2017 08:30:35

Red, white, yellow, black?    I haven't done this in 6mm, but in 10m I don't try and paint the whole spiral at once, but just did a series of diagonal lines on the front of the pole, and then continues them onto either side. It was a bit time consuming, but it seemed to work.


PM bushs
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Napoleonic Austrian Flag Poles
23rd May 2017 07:11:22

I've only tried spirals not hoops. Took me longer to paint the flag poles then the rest of the miniature. Probably about 3 attempts, still not happy with it (painting surface starts to get blobby after the 2 attempt). I've seen hoops done on photos on bigger scales... I'm not sure/comfortable that it 'looks' right to me.

I guess I'm after advice like;

1) start with a base coat of white?

2) rough out the spirals with a soft lead pencil?

or maybe a fine point brush and black ink?

or maybe fine point felt tip pen?

3) rule of thumb for number of spirals that looks about right for the scale

4) importance of colours in the spirals. i.e. more red ones than black and yellow looks generally more pleasing




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