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TOPIC: ACW - to paint or not to paint...
PM bbentley0102
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ACW - to paint or not to paint...
1st Dec 2017 03:37:58

 Hello all,  I’m currently painting CSA figures and I have a dilemma that I would like to get some of your thoughts.  After applying a wash, the detail of these awesome figures really pops out.  No I’m not so sure that I want to paint the shoulder straps.  Here are some pics for examples.  https://flic.kr/p/224ANYn     https://flic.kr/p/224AP1g   

So what do you think?  Leave the straps as is, highlighted with the wash?  Or paint them and lose the detail?





PM njt236
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ACW - to paint or not to paint...
1st Dec 2017 05:46:57

I paint my crossbelts etc, white, buff etc. Then, with a uniPin fine line pen I run the pen along the outside edges of the crossbelts. This gives the impression of shading and makes the belts stand out. Same as using a wash along the belt edges really. This attempt is a bit cr*p. It was my first attempt at doing this. Have since perfected the technique. Now use a 0.1 fine line pen which gives a much narrower shade line but you get the general impression.

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PM 6mmwargaming
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ACW - to paint or not to paint...
1st Dec 2017 08:02:53

Try it on a couple of figures. If they have slightly brighter shoulder straps than the rest thats ok! IMHO, contrast is important when painting 6mm figures.

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ACW - to paint or not to paint...
2nd Dec 2017 06:35:06

I thought shoulder straps were the loops of material on the shoulders that canteen, cartridge box and haversack straps passed under. I see little merit in painting these in 6mm, especially as they were grey on most Confederate jackets and blue on Union.



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