What I did on my Holidays. Oh, and some TYW flags...

15th Aug 2017

I got wet, got whirled around, and got poorer.  There you go.

So back to work and it really is a case of landing with feet running as The Other Partizan show is coming up this weekend..   We'll be in our usual spot and be showing off some new items in the shape of the first releases from our new TYW flag sheets.

There are four sheets in the first batch - two for the Imperialist armies and two for the Swedes

The plan is to expand the range of nationalities over the next few months with coverage extending to Bavaria/Catholic League, German Protestants, Saxons, Spanish and French.    When finished the aim is to have the largest range on the subject available in any scale and at just £1.46 plus VAT for 24 flags, certainly the cheapest!