New WEC previews

28th Mar 2017

Just to keep your interest levels up I though I'd preview some more of the forthcoming ECW/TYW range.

Shown above are the new armoured pikemen at advance painted up as a TYW Imperialist unit.     The detail on these new sculpts is the best we've done yet, making them an absolute joy to paint with a wonderful end result.


And here we've got the other half of the story with some musketeers in monmouth cap striding on to the field.   You'll note that the command elements for pike and shot are different:  the former get the company colours to look after, while the latter get the sergeants to supervise the complications of sundry firings.

There's a lot more to come from this range, so once again, keep your eyes open for updates as I'm about to put more masters and patterns through the moulding process.

I am  hoping to have some of the new codes available at Salute, but no promises.   What we will be doing there is selling off what remains of our current ECW stock, so if any of you are looking to complete existing armies there should be some bargains around.    I will also have a lot of painted and based ECW figures for sale at the show - Royalist and Parliamentary armies as featured in the Polemos ECW rules.    They'll be on offer at a great price.

And with Salute hiding round the corner, waiting to leap out and mug you, can I please ask you to start getting your orders for collection at the show into us in good time?    You can order and pay in advance using the website shopping cart.  Alternatively get in touch with us by email or by phone 0114 2724491.