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Extra Crispy
10th Feb 2015 04:35:33

Ah, okay.

These are designed for "pick up games" between you and your opponent. You decide, say, to face off with 8 generals each (or 6 or 10). Now you start rolling. First to see if you get more/less generals (p26). Let's say you end up with 8 subordinates. You decide on 2 generals with 3 subordinates each. Now onpage 38 you roll for your 2 generals. Then you roll a D10 for each of your 6 suborindates. You either get a cavalry brigade or infantry division. Now you roll for each formation in turn. Let's say you end up with 2 cavalry brigades and 4 infantry divisions. Roll for infantry #1 (a D10). You roll 7 which means this division has 2 british and 1 Portuguese brigade. Now you roll for teh size of each brigade, the class, skirmish.


make sense now?

Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin

PM Glenn Pearce
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Glenn Pearce
10th Feb 2015 05:30:56

Hello Red-Wing!

Hopefully Mark cleared it up for you, but let add the following.

Sorry but no. For GdD one 60x30 is a battalion. For MdE one 60x60 or two 60x30 is a Brigade.

The Army Generators in the rule book are fictional armies that you can create that will give you armies that are similar to their histotrical ones. It all depends on the kind of game you want to play. Fictional historical games use the Generators. Historical use actual orders of battles that you have to obtain and convert into Polemos.

To use the Army Generators read the overview on page 26 then go to page 38 for your British 1812 Army and work your way down the chart. As you work your way down it should start to be clear what your doing. If not just list your questions and we'll try and give you the answers. It's assumed that before you use the Generators you already have the figures and bases so you would just pull them out and play. If you don't have them then there is little point in using them now. The example of Ligny is historical. Look at that as your army should have a similar look when finished.

If your still lost, just ask.

Best regards,






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