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TOPIC: WSS Pikemen
PM frederick_the_green
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WSS Pikemen
3rd Oct 2015 05:56:40

Will we be seeing any Pikemen for the WSS?, a few earlier wars could really use the figures!

They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance

PM hwiccee
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WSS Pikemen
4th Oct 2015 09:33:07

I would use GNR03 Russian Great Northern War pikes.

PM Spangenhelm
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WSS Pikemen
4th Oct 2015 05:08:50

Aren't both lines being redone?  I was under that impression. 

PM hwiccee
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WSS Pikemen
4th Oct 2015 05:55:03

Sorry no idea realy but I think so. That will still mean you can use the Russian pikes with tricorns for early WSS pikes.

PM peter
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WSS Pikemen
7th Oct 2015 09:52:06

Sorry for tjhe delay in replying. Real Life TM is snapping at my heels a wee bit.

The new WSS resculpts will include a pikeman.  However, you can easily press GNR3 into service which will work perfect well.  

The GNW range is indeed on the resculpt list, but it won't be for at least a year as the ECW range is next in that particular queue!


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