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PM bushs
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Napoleonic Prussians
2nd May 2017 03:28:56


Does any body know if the Napoleonic Prussian range is getting a makeover any time soon? I seem to remember reading something to this effect in a post a while ago...



PM Baron Clenawly
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Napoleonic Prussians
Baron Clenawly
2nd May 2017 04:41:29

Hello Steve,

I recall a conversation with Peter about 12-18 months ago saying no plans for this yet. Unless the situation has changed since?



PM Glenn Pearce
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Napoleonic Prussians
Glenn Pearce
2nd May 2017 05:43:03

Hello Steve!

I also recall there was a message from Peter (perhaps to me) around the same time as Nigel spoke with him. He was just finishing his replacement Napoleonic project and stated that the Prussians would probably be next but that it would not happen soon. The designers would kill him if he asked for more shakos.

I actually painted the full line of Napoleonic Prussians in 2014 and greatly enjoyed them. The cavalry was outstanding. The line infantry and militia were a breeze to paint.

Best regards,


PM Whirlwind
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Napoleonic Prussians
2nd May 2017 07:17:57


I've asked Peter a few times about this.  His usual response has been along the lines of maybe, but not quite yet.  IIRC he was thinking that he might re-do the cavalry before the infantry and artilley.

All the best





PM bushs
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Napoleonic Prussians
3rd May 2017 03:38:54

Thanks very much for your replies,

Just started reading Nafziger's book on 1814, I'm really going to need some Prussians next...

and surprisingly some British...



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