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TOPIC: The Joy of Six 2017
PM peter
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The Joy of Six 2017
1st Jun 2017 11:45:53

Yes, it’s that time of year again!    The Joy of Six 2017 is just a few weeks away and we thought you’d like to hear about what’s on offer.

JOS17 will be held on Sunday 16th July from 10.00am to 4.00pm.   The venue is the spectacular Heartspace Atrium at Sheffield Hallam University.    This City centre location is near to cheap on-street parking and a hop skip and a jump or two away from Sheffield mainline railway station and travel interchange.  Entrance will be a measly £3.00.

Right. That’s the boring bit out of the way.  What’s on offer?

We’ve got some of the finest small scale traders in the world under one roof:

  • Baccus 6mm
  • Brigade Games
  • Britannicus Games
  • Commission figurines
  • Games at War
  • G S Miniature workshop
  • Heroics and Ros
  • Leven Miniatures
  • Rapier
  • Timecast
  • Wargames Emporium

Plus a Bring and Buy.  We’re trying to squeeze a couple more into the show, so stay posted.

Yes, that’s the retail therapy bit, but what about the games you ask?   Well, have we got some treats for you.   More games than last year and with a very wide spread of subjects:

  • Grantham Strategy and Gaming Club - WW2 8th Air Force
  • Robert Dunlop - Messines 2017
  • Per Broden - Lesnaya 1708
  • Per Broden - Sharp Practice FIW
  • Dan Hodgson - Waterloo
  • Wyre Forest Wargamers - Battle of Issus
  • Sheffield Wargames Society - Platoon Commanders War
  • RAF Cranwell gaming club - Mech Wars
  • South London Warlords - Neustadt Crossing 1985
  • SAD wargamers - Operation Crusader
  • Deeside Defenders - 1st Bull Run
  • Luton Lancers - Fall of Katzbach 1813
  • Cold War Commanders - Landjut 1989
  • Baccus 6mm - Salford 1642
  • Mailed Fist - Last Train to Berlin
  • MADgamers - Eastern Front 1700
  • Wakefield and District Gamers - WW2
  • SeaBee games - Operation Bargation
  • Britannicus games - Horizon Wars
  • Bradford Battletech Battalion - Battletech
  • Commission Figurines - Napoleonic
  • Wyre Forest Wargamers - Hold the Line (AWI)
  • Brigadier General Commands - Montelimar 1944
  • Andrew Brentnall - ECW


Well over two thirds of these games will be participation events, so there will be plenty to do while you are the show.  We’ll have the usual masterclass in 6mm painting from Dr Mike and the ever popular seminar programme.

There will be lots of good quality, wargamer-friendly, pig-derived food on offer.   What more could you want from a wargames show?

I’ll be posting more details about the show and and the games as we get nearer to the date.

As if all of this were not enough, we’ll also be running our ever-popular Baccus workshop tours on the Saturday before the show (15th July).  Places are limited and fill up very quickly.  If you want to book yourselves on to this year’s tour, please get in touch asap to reserve your place.


- The Overlord
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The Joy of Six 2017
2nd Jun 2017 09:34:37

Really looking forward to this. My game is all packed up in its shoebox(!).  Were there archers in the ECW?  Come along to see the Battle of Lessie's Moor 1643 and find out!  I will be using the final (hopefully) ECW variant of Simon Miller's ancient rule set 'To the Strongest', called for King and Parliament, that he and I have been working on for the last year. Some of you may have seen a bigger version of it in action at Partizan, where we put on Edgehill with my 10mm collection.   See you all there,


PM peter
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The Joy of Six 2017
6th Jun 2017 09:18:13

I've just posted the first of this year's previews - South London Warlord's impressive Neustadt game.   A great start to what promises to be a spectacular collection for 2017.

- The Overlord


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